January 19, 2022
Tickets on sale now for VPW 149: Before the Storm in February ICYMI: New champion crowned; Andre’s Absolute Betrayal; Tibbs talks titles; and the Coach/Collins finale. Results from VPW 148: Devastation Eric James defends the New York State Championship against VPW newcomer Dante Drago at Devastation 12/18 Are the Even Stevens true champions or were they just at the right place at the right time?

Best 2 of 3 results in draw; VsK retains, but not happy about it

IMG_2522Going in to Deer Park, we expected a clear answer to who the best wrestler in Victory Pro Wrestling would be.

In a best 2 out of 3 falls match for the top prize in VPW, VsK and Ricky Reyes would finally settle the score once and for all.

That was the plan, at least.

Mr. O. A. with his new heavy Big Koz

Mr. O. A. (w/ Big Koz) against “Firebird” Jorge Santi
VPW’s throwback to the 60s seemed to add a little insurance policy with the addition of Big Koz, a loud-mouthed heavy that stalked outside the ring during the match.

The first time these two met was in a three-way match. Dr. Lamar Braxton Porter was the third dance partner, and at the end of the match, Santi came out on top.

Mr. O. A.’s size was not a factor, as he was able to show an offense that kept him in the match, but Santi’s strength and experience was tough to overcome.

While he did suffer a contusion from a brutal kick, Mr. O. A. rolled up “Firebird” and grabbed the tights to steal the win.


Frustrated, Santi demanded a match against Mr. O. A. at Twist of Fate November 23rd in Centereach.

The Jerry Fitzwater show was next, and apparently they thought it was a Halloween themed show, as Grop came to the ring as Jerry Fitzwater, and Jerry came to the ring dressed like Grop the Caveman!

Jerry’s guest was “The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes, who talked about how he beat VsK for the New York State Championship, the VPW Tag Team Championship, and later on tonight he would beat VsK twice to become the new Victory Pro Wrestling champion.

VsK had something to say about that, and he came to the ring to say it. The reigning VPW Champion did acknowledge that yes, Reyes was right when he said he beat VsK in the past, but he reminded Reyes that it was in the past. Tonight he would prove once again that he is the best wrestler in VPW today.

Kevin Tibbs announces that if “K-Fresh” wants to fight him, he’ll have to go through the whole Church of Tibbs first.

“Savior of Wrestling” Kevin Tibbs (w/ Dorian Graves and Jacob Hendrix) against “K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton
Earlier this week on VictoryProWrestling.com, it was announced that Tibbs and Fulton would meet again in Deer Park. However, Tibbs had other plans.

Citing that he had already beaten Fulton, that if “K-Fresh” wanted a match against the “Savior of Wrestling” again, he would have to face and defeat both Jabob Hendrix and Dorian Graves.

Having no problem with that, “K-Fresh” made quick work of Jacob Hendrix, toying with him for a few moments before finally putting him out of his misery.

Dorian Graves, however, proved to be more of a challenge. Wearing a full body purple suit, the masked disciple wore down the former New York State champion. A surprise Lefty Lariat knocked out Graves and gave Fulton a chance to face his former tag team partner.

Dorian Graves breaking the pinfall

What should have been easy work for Kevin Tibbs proved to be otherwise, as Fulton kept coming back with a fire unlike any we’ve seen since he lost the New York State championship. And much like his disciples, Tibbs also felt the wrath of a Lefty Lariat.

A save from Graves and Hendrix prevented “K-Fresh” to get a pinfall victory on Tibbs, but a loss is still a loss in the record books.

WINNER: “K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton by disqualification

After a second referee came down to hold the Church of Tibbs back from the downed “K-Fresh”, it took a save from the Razzle Dazzle and Super Pogo! – the New Super Best Friends – to end the onslaught.

Frustrated that both Hendrix and Graves lost to “K-Fresh”, he told them to redeem themselves and defeat Razzle Dazzle and Super Pogo! on his behalf.

The Church of Tibbs (Dorian Graves and Jacob Hendrix)
against The New Super Best Friends (Razzle Dazzle and Super Pogo! with Mikey Old School)
Fulton stayed outside the ring by Mikey Old School, and Tibbs stayed by his disciples. Razzle Dazzle led the charge for his team, but the Church took advantage with quick tags, keeping each other fresh.

A good strategy that almost went bad, Super Pogo! finally made it to the ring. But the experience of the Church with outside guidance from Tibbs helped overcome the raw energy of Super Pogo! as they scored the win.

WINNERS: The Church of Tibbs

After the match, “K-Fresh” challenged the entire Church – Tibbs, Graves, and Hendrix – to a six man tag team match at Twist of Fate November 23 in Centereach.

Katana catches Risk off guard for the roll-up.

Kai Katana (c) against EJ Risk
Victory Pro Wrestling management made this match after seeing how Katana defended the title in September, feeling EJ Risk deserved a fair chance at the title.

EJ stormed the ring and attacked the champion before the bell rang, but the Asian assassin was able to fight back. Both wrestlers showed signs of victory, but they knew each other’s moves and were able to counter them to prevent the loss.

The last time they met, Katana rested his feet along the middle rope to get enough leverage to score the win. This time, he rolled up the challenger after EJ almost ran into the referee. Pulling the tights, Katana successfully defended the championship again.

WINNER: Kai Katana

After the match, the fans were in shock, screaming at the referee. EJ even asked the fans what happened, but the referee’s decision was final.

Cooley K on the business end of a spin kick from Amazing Red

Brian XL and Amazing Red
against Da Hou$e Party (Cooley K and K-MC w/ Da Boombox) (c)
It started off friendly as Amazing Red showed off a little breakdancing to Da Hou$e Party’s theme song, but the friendly feel ended once the bell rang.

While the four wrestlers were in fact friends, this was for the championship, and Da Hou$e Party never lost sight of that.

Amazing Red and Brian XL gelled together very well, but the VPW Tag Team Champions proved why they are the best tag team in wrestling by picking up the win.

WINNERS: Da Hou$e Party.

After the match, the four showed signs of unity once again, standing together and raising each others hands, but Amazing Red didn’t go back to the locker room with the other three. He had one of the tag title belts and instead went through the audience and left the building through one of the fire exits.

“The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes against VsK (c)
It was time to settle the score and answer the questions as to who was the best wrestler in VPW. Earlier in the night, Reyes told the world he was going to be the new champion and things looked like they were going his way.

Reyes and VsK gave it their all both inside and out the ring. Reyes took the first fall after a vicious brainbuster that left VsK laying cold after the pinfall. VsK was able to score a pinfall of his own to even the score.

A VsK superkick sealed the deal for the VPW Champion, knocking out Reyes for the three-count, but the referee counted both men down because both wrestlers’ shoulders were on the mat, ruling the match a draw.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Draw – VsK retains the VPW Championship

After the match, as Reyes head to the locker room, VsK questioned the referee’s decision. He then said the next time him and Reyes meet, he doesn’t want that referee to be the third man in the ring and sealed that comment with a superkick!

Feeling the fans in Deer Park were left cheated, he told them that he would defend the Victory Pro Wrestling Championship in Deer Park in December, that he would meet Ricky Reyes one more time, and that he would do it in an Ironman match!

And to warm up for that match in December, VsK decided to play a game of Twist of Fate. Willing to face any Victory Pro Wrestling superstar of Ricky’s choice, he would also give Ricky an opponent.

At Twist of Fate on November 23rd in Centereach, Ricky Reyes will face EJ Risk!

What will happen when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Centereach?!?

Saturday November 23
VFW Post 4927
31 Horseblock Rd., Centereach, NY

Ricky Reyes v. VsK’s choice of EJ Risk
VsK v. Ricky Reyes’ choice of ???

The Church of Tibbs v.
The New Super Best Friends & K-Fresh Kevin Fulton


Mr. O. A. v. “Firebird” Jorge Santi

What will happen at Twist of Fate?