Make your next birthday a smash with Victory Pro Wrestling

Victory Pro Wrestling offers the unique experience of having your birthday party along side either a private or live VPW event!

At VPW, we want to make your party one of the best birthday experiences you’ve ever had!

Victory Pro Wrestling offers you the opportunity to celebrate your next birthday party with us!

Here is what you will get when you celebrate your special day with Victory Pro Wrestling:

  • Our Ring Announcer will announce to the crowd that this is YOUR special day!
  • Be a guest manager and walk out with your favorite VPW wrestler!
  • After the show, you and your party guests can get in the ring!
  • Photos with your favorite VPW wrestler!
  • You and your party guests don’t have to wait in line – you get in early!
  • Bring your own cake, plates, forks, and spoons and we’ll have a special place set up for your party to blow out those candles!

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