Fighter Cat covers Reyes in the Gold Rush Rumble finals.Fighter Cat clawed his way to the top of the food chain by outlasting the entire Victory Pro Wrestling roster and winning the 2015 Gold Rush Rumble.

VsK, EJ Risk, Grammar Cop, and Howie TimbershayIt all started with VPW Commissioner EJ Risk. He took some heat for his decision to assist VsK become the 2-time VPW New York State champion, but he said he did it because sometimes that’s what you do for someone who means so much to you. He then introduced the new champion to the ring.

VsK did not take lightly to some of the fans chanting his name, and he told the sold-out Centereach crowd that there had been a bunch of guys that held that belt but only he gave it the prestige it so rightfully deserved, so when he became New York State champion, he did it… for himself.

EJ Risk then said that Firebird Jorge Santi will fight in a match to determine who will be the new number one contender for the New York State champion, but irregardless of the —

Enter: Grammar Cop, and his partner Howie Timbershay. Grammar Cop came out to correct the commissioner’s usage of the word “irregardless” when he should have just used “regardless”. Instead of writing a citation, Grammar Cop let Risk off with a warning.

Risk, after asking Grammar Cop who he was, decided that he liked his style. Using his authority, he invoked his right to add Grammar Cop to the aforementioned number one contender’s match for VsK’s New York State Championship.

Kevin Fulton, Grammar Cop, and Jorge SantiNUMBER ONE CONTENDERSHIP
Grammar Cop
vs “South Shore Outlaw” Kevin Fulton
vs “Firebird” Jorge Santi

Fulton and Grammar Cop took turns beating down Santi, but eventually the opportunist Fulton took advantage of Grammar Cop and started beating him down. Santi came back to take control, but fought a two-on-one matchup for most of the night. After finally taking out Fulton, he was able to silence the Grammar Cop and pick up the win.

WINNER: “Firebird” Jorge Santi

First, the rules:
Two wrestlers start the match. Every 2 minutes, another VPW wrestler comes to the ring. Wrestlers would be eliminated once they were thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. The Rumble ends when there are four wrestlers left, who then go on to finish in the main event to determine the winner.

Competitors, in the order of entrance: VsK, Dorian Graves, Razzle Dazzle, “Firebird” Jorge Santi, Jay Delta, Howie Timbershay, Down Boyz Steve, “South Shore Outlaw” Kevin Fulton, Mikey Old School, Xander Page, Destructico, “The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes, Jacob Hendrix, “The Savior of Wrestling” Kevin Tibbs, Fighter Cat, Down Boyz Tony, Grop the Caveman, Grammar Cop.

Special notes from the Rumble:

Despite trying to eliminate VsK, it was VsK who would eliminate Santi

* VsK rubbed in the wound of losing the New York State championship to former champion Jorge Santi as the “Firebird” was the first one eliminated from this year’s contest

Xander Page, VsK, Jay Delta, Down Boyz Steve, Howie Timbershay* This was Xander Page’s first Gold Rush Rumble since 2012. In this contest, Page eliminated Razzle Dazzle, Dorian Graves, Howie Timbershay, Mikey Old School, Down Boyz Steve, and VsK before getting eliminated by his former partners in ConfluxXx
IMG_2346* Jorge Santi played a role in VsK’s elimination by coming down to ringside and causing a distraction. The two battled outside the ring and over the merchandise table before fighting their way to the back.
Grop the Caveman and Jacob Hendrix* Grop the Caveman’s rivalry with Jacob Hendrix continues after the Caveman eliminated Hendrix, and Grammar Cop eliminated Grop. Hendrix and Grop battled into the back.

Fighter Cat and Grammar CopFighter Cat and Kevin Fulton * Fighter Cat picked up two eliminations this year, eliminating Grammar Cop and Kevin Fulton. Fulton was the last elimination of the match.
* The only two competitors to have participated in every Gold Rush Rumble remains for the third year in a row: Mikey Old School and Kevin Tibbs

The final four to head to the main event were ConfluxXx’s Ricky Reyes and Jay Delta, Fighter Cat, and Kevin Tibbs.

Nikki Addams (c) (w/ Mikey Old School)
vs. Karen Yu (w/ Monique)

The battle between Karen Yu and Nikki Addams for the newest prize in Victory Pro Wrestling was intense back and forth action, but the challenger was unable to defeat Nikki. Once the action spilled outside the ring, Old School grabbed his client and together they started to go to the back, causing the match to end by count out.

WINNER: Karen Yu

Unfortunately for Karen, the championship does not change hands on a count out, so Nikki Addams retained the title.

The VPW Tag Team Champions came out next, along with their manager Chrissy, and once they were in the ring, they talked about how they were the top dogs in tag team wrestling, and there was nobody that would ever take the title from them.

Xander Page came to the ring and called out the champs, saying that at one time he was one half of the longest reigning VPW Tag Team Champions and that he would be able to beat the Down Boyz by himself and take both belts away from them.

The Down Boyz Tony and Steve, and Xander PageVPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP
The Down Boyz Tony and Steve (c) (w/Chrissy)
vs. Xander Page

The champions accepted the challenge, but quickly regretted it. Page was able to dominate the match by using his power and size to his advantage. His strength and experience were no match when it came to sheer numbers, as Chrissy herself got involved by distracting Page. This allowed the Down Boyz to chop Page down and work on him, but eventually the big guy came back. It took a title belt to the head to get the champs disqualified.

WINNER: Xander Page

After the match, the Down Boyz demanded they were announced as still VPW Tag Team Champions.

Dorian Graves, VsK, and EJ RiskSINGLES MATCH
VsK (w/ EJ Risk)
vs. Dorian Graves (w/ Jacob Hendrix)

In this non-title contest, VsK and Dorian Graves battled a match that showed the young Graves take it to the experienced New York State Champion.

This didn’t mean it was easy for VsK.  Graves has picked up a lot while joining the Church of Tibbs, and his fight and fire has become intense.

But all it took was a distraction from EJ Risk that set up Graves for disaster.


“The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes
vs. Jay Delta
vs. Fighter Cat
vs. “The Savior of Wrestling” Kevin Tibbs

If this looks on paper as an unfair match, it was. ConfluxXx was heavily represented in the final four and it showed with Reyes and Delta working incredibly well together. Cat and Tibbs were able to fight back but the first casualty came when Kevin Tibbs was eliminated.

This left Fighter Cat with two members of ConfluxXx. Things did not bode well for Cat, but he kept fighting back until finally getting Jay Delta eliminated.

With Ricky Reyes standing in his way, Fighter Cat still had an uphill battle. Reyes, a former Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion, international superstar, and VPW Triple Crown champion not only has the experience to be a champion but also had experience in winning the Gold Rush Rumble in 2010.

Fighter Cat and Ricky Reyes
Fighter Cat starting to feel the energy from the Centereach crowd before winning the Gold Rush Rumble.

It was all said and done when Reyes connected with his brainbuster finisher. Except, Fighter Cat kicked out. Then a power bomb. Except Fighter Cat kicked out of that, too.

Fighter Cat kept scratching his way out of losing prediciments until he finally overcame the wiley Reyes and won the match.


Which championship will Fighter Cat choose to fight for? He will let everyone know when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Centereach in October!


Saturday October 24, 2015
VFW Post 4927
31 Horseblock Road, Centereach, NY

VPW Champion Kai Katana is scheduled to return
to VPW and defend the championship

VsK will defend the title against Jorge Santi

Fighter Cat will reveal which championship
he will compete for

What will happen at
Autumn Uproar?


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