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VPW Management to Team Adams: Defend Tag titles or be stripped

When they first teamed up in February, nobody expected anything from them. Bison’s manager deserted him, and Damian Adams was there with a contract to challenge for the VPW Tag Team Championships. Hours later, they challenged the Down Boyz and became champions.

Mind you, Tony Vincita, one half of the Down Boyz, had been unable to fulfill his contractual obligations. This left Steve Gibki to face the challenge alone. Damian Adams knew this, which is how this story started.

But Team Adams has not been unchecked. Johnny Collins and Bryce Donovan, teaming up in Victory Pro Wrestling for the first time, have proven to be a formidable force. In their debut, they had an opportunity to meet the champions and while they were unable to win, they did prove to be a force to be reckoned with.

They won a number one contendership to the tag team championship in April, and have been on the heels of Team Adams since. According to Damian Adams, Bison has been injured, and unable to compete.

VPW Management has given notice to Team Adams: Defend the titles or be stripped of them. The irony is not lost, as this Saturday it will be Team Adams defending against Collins and Donovan.


Can a steel cage contain Risk VSK 3 at VPW:125 and Counting?

Victory Pro Wrestling Champion VsK and The Forgotten EJ Risk have a twisted story to tell about their experiences inside the confines of a 15-foot high Steel Cage. In the first ever cage match in VPW, EJ Risk and VsK stood across from each other in a Steel Cage Survival match. VsK’s team came out on top in 2011.

VsK has gone on to compete inside the cage three more times. His overall record is 2-2, and in singles competition he is 1-1. In fact, VsK’s last singles match inside a cage was a title match, where he lost the VPW Championship to Kevin Tibbs in 2014.

EJ Risk, on the other hand, did not compete in another steel cage match until just last year. Overall, he is 0-2 inside the cage. What makes that match significant is that his partner was his best friend VsK, who he will challenge for the Victory Pro Wrestling championship at VPW: 125 and Counting.

As it was in 2011, it will be EJ Risk on one side, and VsK on the other. Will VsK continue his reign as VPW Champion, or will EJ Risk rise to the top and take back what he feels is rightfully his?


BREAKING NEWS: Delta to get rematch against Steve Gibki at VPW: 125 and Counting

Jay Delta had nothing but complaints after losing the New York State Championship to Steve Gibki.

“How is that even possible,” Delta asked in the locker room after the match. “He’s from New Jersey!”

New VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton, who has also been the muscle, mouth, and agent of ConfluxXx until Upper Limits, announced that his best friend and former ConfluxXx partner will get a rematch against the new champion at VPW: 125 and Counting.

“While there are some that will find my decision self-serving, I want everyone to know this is what is truly best for them,” Fulton said. “You’re welcome.”

Gibki, fresh off a tour of England, came back to VPW and became the New York State champion after earning his opportunity in March. Will his victory be short lived, or will Gibki prove he is more than just muscle?


Three women, One champion at VPW: 125 and Counting

She began her reign on the heels of Karen Q, and since becoming Victory Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion, White Girl Kris Stadtlander has dominated the women’s division.

She began her reign on the heels of Karen Q, and since becoming the first ever Queen of New York, Sam L’Eterna has been on the hunt to become VPW Women’s Champion, using friends to try to weaken the champion.

In her first VPW match in Brooklyn, Antoinette Marie impressed VPW Management and became a part of the roster. She befriended Sam L’Eterna, but recently turned her back on her at Upper Limits.

The three of them will face off in a Triple Threat match at VPW: 125 and Counting for the VPW Women’s Championship. Will Stadtlander reign supreme? Can L’Eterna elevate her royalty over the Women’s division? Or will Antoinette Marie be the wild card?