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Feb 28

Who is The Boogeyman comin’ ta get when VPW celebrates 9 years of wrestling?

Former WWE Superstar The Boogeyman comes to VPW

One of the WWE’s most eclectic superstars is The Boogeyman, and when Victory Pro Wrestling¬†celebrates it’s ninth year of wrestling, he’s coming… but for who?

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Dec 25

VPW’s Christmas gift to you… our special guest at King of New York 2015!

We dropped a hint a couple of days on our website and Facebook page, but now it’s time to open up our gift with a special guest that’s coming to Centereach for the 2015 King of New York tournament…..

Mr Anderson comes to Centereach for the 2015 King of New York Read the rest of this entry »

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Feb 14

Tibbs says he wants VsK, AJ Styles at Blood Sweat & 8 Years; VPW Management responds

The Church of Tibbs“Savior of Wrestling” Kevin Tibbs took VPW by storm when he won the 2014 King of New York tournament, not only becoming the new King of New York but becoming the number one contender to the Victory Pro Wrestling Championship held by VsK.

Saturday night March 8 was the night that would pit these two rivals in the ring one last time for the top prize in VPW, but recent actions by the Church of Tibbs, with the three blindsiding VsK, Amazing Red, and K-Fresh Kevin Fulton, and with Tibbs saying that he didn’t care who he fought, be it VsK or AJ Styles, that he would be victorious, has given VPW Management something to think about.

In a statement released Friday morning by VPW Management:
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Feb 11

8 Year Anniversary Show to be Phenomenal with special guest AJ Styles

Blood Sweat & 8 Years special guest: AJ Styles

Former ROH tag team champion and NWA and TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles will be our featured guest when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Deer Park for our 8 Year Anniversary Show: Blood Sweat & 8 Years Saturday March 8.

And with the Phenomenal One coming to VPW, 2014 King of New York “Savior of Wrestling” Kevin Tibbs already has his sights on Styles.

With Tibbs leading the Church of Tibbs to attack VsK, “K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton, and Amazing Red after the main event at “Before the Storm” this past weekend, VPW Management has taken note and will make an official ruling later this week.

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