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The Queen addresses her court and champion White Girl

Nobody expected this. Karen Q, former VPW Women’s Champion, was the odds on favorite to dominate the Queen of New York tournament.  But on February 10, Sam L’Eterna clawed her way into VPW history to become the first Queen of New York.

This grants her more than just the crown.  She now has the right to challenge for the VPW Women’s Championship, currently held by fan favorite White Girl.

Find out what the new Queen has to say about White Girl and the VPW Women’s Championship match she has at VPW’s Anniversary show, Blood Sweat and 12 Years.


What’s next for new New York State champion Jay Delta?

Fighter Cat stepped in the ring as the defending New York State champion with a 588 reign.

That came crashing down as he was unable to overcome the odds and the numbers game that ConfluxXx threw at him at the 2018 King of New York.

New champion Jay Delta, along with Kevin Fulton, were fired up about his victory after the show, despite the fact that Fulton’s distraction may have cost Fighter Cat the match.  Delta even going on record to declare himself not as the New York State champion, but as “Grand Slam King.” (more…)

Karen Q calls for Queen of New York tournament; winner to face White Girl for VPW Championship

After teaming with Antoinette Marie to defeat Sam L’Eternal and VPW Women’s Champion White Girl, Karen Q took the VPW world by storm by announcing that she was tired of the guys getting the spotlight, and that at the next show February 10, when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Centereach, there would be a Queen of New York tournament.

Karen Q also declared that the winner will be facing White Girl for the VPW Women’s Championship at our anniversary show, Blood Sweat and 12 Years in March, hinting that it would be her to win both the Queen of New York and the Women’s division top prize. (more…)

Who will ascend and be crowned as the new King of New York?

In our first event of 2018, Victory Pro Wrestling will convene in Centereach to crown a new King of New York.

The winner of the King of New York will not only be crowned as royalty, but will also be granted an opportunity to become Victory Pro Wrestling champion as he will face the winner of VSK and Kevin Tibbs at our anniversary show in March, Blood Sweat and 13 Years.

Ten competitors will compete this Saturday night, but only one will be crowned as the King of New York.

Also on the line is Fighter Cat’s New York State Championship and longevity record as he defends against Jay Delta.  The ruthless Delta will stop at nothing to become New York State Champion.

VPW Women’s Champion White Girl will also be in action when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Centereach.

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