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Risk reflects on VPW Champion VSK, says he doesn’t respect anyone

The story of EJ Risk and VSK is long, with many twists and turns.

In Victory Pro Wrestling, they were adversaries, challenging each other at every turn.  Outside of VPW, the two captured championships as a tag team, Adrenaline Express.

Then, EJ Risk was sidelined due to injury.  In his last match, he defeated VSK.  The match was an incredible show of sportsmanship between two competitors who became best friends outside of the wrestling business. (more…)

The Queen addresses her court and champion White Girl

Nobody expected this. Karen Q, former VPW Women’s Champion, was the odds on favorite to dominate the Queen of New York tournament.  But on February 10, Sam L’Eterna clawed her way into VPW history to become the first Queen of New York.

This grants her more than just the crown.  She now has the right to challenge for the VPW Women’s Championship, currently held by fan favorite White Girl.

Find out what the new Queen has to say about White Girl and the VPW Women’s Championship match she has at VPW’s Anniversary show, Blood Sweat and 12 Years.


Grammar Cop issues open challenge and citations

When VPW returns to Centereach tonight, Grammar Cop looks to be a part of the action.

With his partner Timbershae, Grammar Cop looks to issue demerits and destruction to the VPW locker room.

VPW-TV caught up with the Grammar Cop after the Gold Rush Rumble for his thoughts on what is next for the future.

Down Boyz not afraid of Church

One of the most dominant tag teams in Victory Pro Wrestling, the Down Boyz, look to defend the VPW Tag Team Championships this weekend against Triple Crown champion Kevin Tibbs and his disciple Dorian Graves as the Church of Tibbs look to take the gold.

If you ask Steve or Tony, they have something different to say.  Even their manager Chrissy had something to say about the Down Boyz being on top of VPW’s tag world.