VPW Queen of New York

Jayel Cotto (2019)

The 2019 Queen of New York was determined with a women’s invitational over the top rope battle royale featuring women from VPW and beyond, including former VPW Women’s Champion Masha Slamovich, Gabby Gilbert, and Daughter of Death Adrianna.

Prior Queens of New York:

Queen of New YorkYear WonDefeatedNotes
Jayel Cotto2019– Eris Rayne
– Ashley America
– Karen BamBam
– The Ultra Violette
– Megan Mason
– The Daughter of Death Adrianna
– Gabby Gilbert
Held in an over the top battle royale
Sam L’Eterna2018Karen Q


ChampionshipCurrent ChampionDate Won
VPW ChampionshipCoach Mammone11/23/2019
VPW New York State ChampionshipEric James4/13/2019
VPW Tag Team ChampionshipThe Absolute Brand1/11/2020
VPW Women’s ChampionshipKaren BamBam1/11/2020
King of New YorkStockade2/22/2020
Gold Rush RumbleCoach Mammone8/17/2019
Queen of New YorkJayel Cotto5/11/2019