It’s one of the most exciting shows in Victory Pro Wrestling, one that can change the landscape of VPW.  The 2018 Gold Rush Rumble did not disappoint.

Starting the show was VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton, who announced that Steve Gibki, the unofficial official VPW New York State Champion, was barred from the building.  However, because his cousin wanted to get involved in matters that were not of his concern, Tony would get a chance to face the official unofficial VPW New York State Champion Jay Delta.

The Commish also had another announcement to make, but did not get a chance to share it because Kai Katana came down to the ring.  Donning a new look, he advised Commissioner Fulton that maybe it would be wise if he left.

Then, after talking about how great the fans were, the WWE Cruiserweight Classic alternate talked about how he was watching all his friends wrestling around the world while he was stuck in Centereach, pandering to the fans, being the nice guy.  After six months of losses, he finally woke up and decided that he would do what he wanted, when he wanted, and that moving forward, he would be known as Kyler Khan.

First, the rules:
Two wrestlers start the match. After 2 minutes, another VPW wrestler comes to the ring. This would continue every 60 seconds until all competitors entered the ring. Wrestlers are eliminated once they are thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. The Rumble ends when there are four wrestlers left, who then go on to finish in the main event to determine the winner.

In order of appearance:
Coach Mammone, Johnny Collins, Lawrence Spiral, Pancake, Stockade, Jameson Hughes, The Giant Andre, Jay Delta, Tony Vincita, Razzle Dazzle, Fighter Cat, The Mercenary, Bison, Kyler Khan, Adam Striker, Mister Tibbs, Mason Shadows, Cliff Marshall, Alvin Alvarez, and VPW Champion EJ Risk

Highlights from the Rumble:

  • Debut of Stockade – The Devil’s Outlaw joins VPW looking for competition, shocking fans that never expected Stockade to enter a VPW ring
  • First elimination – Jameson Hughes tried to take out Stockade, but it wasn’t happening.  Stockade took control and tossed him over the top.
  • Most eliminations – Stockade, Pancake, and Jay Delta were each tossed out by The Giant Andre, who took out three competitors
  • Coast to Coast performance – Coach Mammone joins the special group of VPW stars to have drawn #1 or #2 and make it through the rumble into the final four.  That group includes Fighter Cat, Jorge Santi, Kevin Fulton, and EJ Risk.  Those four all won the Gold Rush Rumble crown.
  • And then there was one – Only one competitor has been in all nine Gold Rush Rumble matches since 2009.  Kevin Tibbs is the sole survivor, being in every single Gold Rush Rumble in VPW.
  • Special stipulation for the VPW Champion – EJ Risk drew the #20 spot, and VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton said he had something special earlier in the night.  His announcement was that if EJ Risk won the Gold Rush Rumble, he would not have to defend the championship for a full year!

Alvin Alvarez was the final competitor eliminated, leaving Coach Mammone, Kevin Tibbs, Kyler Khan, and EJ Risk to main event later that night.

Karen Bam Bam vs Ariela Nyx vs Eris Rayne

  • Karen debuted in the Queen of New York tournament earlier this year
  • While she debuted with Lawrence Spiral as his manager, this was Eris Rayne’s first time in a VPW ring
  • Ariela Nyx made her VPW debut
  • The action started bad for Rayne, with Karen and Ariela taking turns one-upping each other at Eris’ expense.
  • Eris kept in the fight, but the numbers game was not in her favor
  • A miscue started to split Ariela and Karen, and eventually lead to their downfall as Eris would let them work their differences out and steal the victory


Jay Delta (w/ Puppet Jay Delta) vs Tony Vicinta

  • The feud between Delta and Steve Gibki overflowed, including Tony at VPW:125.  Now a one-on-one contest would give Tony an opportunity to take down Delta a notch or two
  • The match was what would be a show stealer on any other show.  Delta and Tony tore the house down
  • The bizarre ending came with Puppet Jay Delta attacked Tony with his replica of the blue New York State Championship.  The absurd concept distracted Tony and the referee as Jay Delta grabbed his New York State championship and attacked Tony with it.  The official caught him in the act and disqualified Delta.


Stockade and Mason Shadows vs Fighter Cat and Cliff Marshall

  • Stockade and Fighter Cat started things off for this match
  • The brooding team of Stockade and Shadows were able to dominate the match, controlling Marshall for most of it
  • Fighter Cat was on fire after the hot tag and evened the odd
  • Marshall and Fighter Cat were impressive in their pairing, enough to score the win despite some serious damage caused by Stockade on the outside


Absolute Alvin Alvarez vs Jameson Hughes

  • This match went on longer than it should, partly because of Hughes’ resilience (some may call it over the limit)
  • Outside of a few moves that just angered Alvarez more than anything, Hughes was clearly outmatched in so many ways


EJ Risk vs Kyler Khan vs Coach Mammone vs Mister Tibbs

The VPW Champion mouthed off to his competitors before the start, asking who Coach was, why Kyler, and Tibbs was just regular.

  • The first elimination was from Coach Mammone, as he rolled up Kyler Khan
  • The next elimination came when EJ Risk stole the win by rolling up Coach Mammone
  • Champion EJ Risk faced Kevin Tibbs in what was fitting to be the main event of the show
  • Neither Tibbs nor Risk showed signs of fatique, kicking out of each other’s finishers


After the match, Tibbs said that he would become champion, and told EJ Risk to watch his back because he was coming for him.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.