December Devastation 2011, Kevin Fulton def Ricky Reyes (c) for the New York State ChampionshipFor only the fourth time in company history, Victory Pro Wrestling will be hosting a steel cage match when VPW returns to the Deer Park Community Center for Upper Limits ’13 on June 29.

When Amazing Red called out “The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes, he did it because he was sick and tired of Ricky’s little games, from outside interference to running away when the odds are no longer in Reyes’ favor.

A 15-foot high steel cage barrier will prevent Reyes from running, and it will prevent ConfluxXx – or anyone else – from interfering.

But that’s not how it all started.

January 15, 2011 – Steel Cage Survival
January 15, 2011 “Fans Choice 2011″ – Steel Cage Survival” VsK, Funky Fresh Boyz, Richie Tyler, Ricky Reyes, Jay Delta, EJ Risk, and Xander PageHeat was escalating in Victory Pro Wrestling.  On one side you had VsK, The Funky Fresh Boyz, and Richie Tyler.  On the other side, you had ConfluxXx – Ricky Reyes, Eclipse, and EJ Risk.  ConfluxXx ran rampant, doing what they wanted when they wanted to, so when things finally came to a head, it happened inside the confines of a steel cage under “Survival” rules.

Two wrestlers started the match, then after 2 minutes, each team would alternate and send a new wrestler to the ring.  The match would not end until one team was eliminated in completion, meaning each wrestler had to lose by pinfall or submission.

December 3, 2011 – New York State Championship
The challenger, K-Fresh Kevin Fulton, would start a historic reign of 533 days this night by defeating Ricky Reyes for the New York State Championship in what many considered an upset.  The cage was set up to keep ConfluxXx from interfering in the match as K-Fresh demanded a fair fight for the title.

Surrounded by K-Fresh and friends, Reyes hesitantly accepted the challenge a month prior.  It would be his downfall as the Cuban Crippler was rolled up for the pin.

VsK covering Kai Katana inside the cageSeptember 22, 2012: “Caged Chaos″
Frustrated that Kai Katana would interfere in his matches, or that he would not have a fair fight, VsK challenged the silent superstar in what was an amazing fight inside the cage.

Unlike with most other opponents, Katana seemed to welcome the cage.

From the opening bell, the two went back and forth until Katana, hungry to not just win but destroy VsK, went to the top of the cage for his moonsault finisher, only to miss.

A super kick later and VsK was able to pick up the win after this amazingly hard fought battle by both of them.

A new chapter in the steel cage will be written when Amazing Red and Ricky Reyes meet at Deer Park.  Although Reyes has the upper hand with cage experience, his experience is filled with two losses.  Will “The Cuban Crippler” be able to rise above the Cage Curse that hangs above him, or will Amazing Red finally settle the score?

Victory Pro Wrestling presents Upper Limits '13VICTORY PRO WRESTLING PRESENTS
Saturday June 29
Deer Park Community Center
41 Homer Ave, Deer Park, NY

Amazing Red v. Ricky Reyes
Can Amazing Red contain the Cuban Crippler?

K-Fresh Kevin Fulton v. Kai Katana(c)
Will K-Fresh be able to reclaim his title, or will Katana squeeze the life out again?


Upper Limits '13 Amazing Red Ricky Reyes Steel Cage


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