Despite being partners, Tibbs and Gibki looked
like they were about to tear each other apart

The Victory Pro Wrestling champion Mister Tibbs had a big problem with the way his match against New York State champion Steve Gibki ended last month, and as VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton was addressing the crowd, Tibbs brought his issues to the ring.

Citing that VPW photographer Brittany Kelley did not have photos of his foot on the bottom rope, and there was no footage of the foot on the rope, Tibbs cried foul to the Commish, demanding something be done.

That’s when Gibki added his two cents. He had no problems facing Tibbs a second time, and when the two went face to face, it looked like Fulton was about to make it official.

Enter: The Even Stevens. Steve and Stephen came to the ring, saying that nobody wanted to see Tibbs/Gibki 2, but instead wanted to see the most likable tag team in wrestling today. Fulton agreed, and put the Even Stevens in the main event against Steve Gibki.

And Mister Tibbs.

Both Tibbs and Gibki protested before heading to the back, with the Even Stevens possibly scoring a win with VPW Management, showing their hunger.

Back to Fulton’s original announcement, before he was unceremoniously cut off. VPW was to crown a new Women’s Champion, and Before the Storm would mark the return of VSK.

Ariela Nyx vs Eris Rayne

  • Two fan favorites clashed in this impromptu match for the vacated women’s championship. The fans had a hard time trying to figure out who to root for.
  • Rayne had a lot of heart going into the match, but Nyx had the experience in her corner, as a two-time women’s champion before joining VPW last year.
  • With Rayne about to finish the match with her Rayne Fall DDT, Nyx flipped the switch with a reversal into a neckbreaker.


EJ Risk vs The Vlogger Jack Tomlinson

  • After losing the VPW Championship, EJ Risk had a moment of clarity and respect, but last month he threw it all away. That edge shined in his match against Pro Wrestling’s only Vlogger Jack Tomlinson, as the match quickly escalated outside the ring.
  • Tomlinson was very impressive in his first VPW match, and was able to keep up with the wily veteran.
  • Risk had a tough time knocking Tomlinson out, pulling out all the stops, but finally figured out how to cancel Tomlinson’s match.


Giant KHANdre (Giant Andre/Kyler Khan)
vs Fighter Cop (Fighter Cat/Grammar Cop)

Before the match started, Kyler Khan was rolled out on a wheelchair. He announced that he was injured, and in his place would be Liam, AKA Triple L, AKA Ladies Love Liam.

  • Liam, tall and lanky, proved to be surprisingly agile and fast. Between his rabid unpredictability and Andre’s size and power, Fighter Cat and Grammar Cop had a hard time keeping things together.
  • Grammar Cop, wearing his cat mask throughout the match, noticed his partner was in dire straits. He distracted Liam, throwing a cat toy at him. This enraged Fighter Cat, who believed Liam was trying to steal his toy, lighting a fire under him.
  • The distraction of Kyler Khan outside the ring was too much for Fighter Cat, who wheeled him back to the locker room.
  • Andre was too much for the Fighter Cop team, so they knocked him outside the ring, leaving Liam in the ring to be picked off for the win.


Commissioner Fulton came out to announce Coach Mammone as VPW’s Rookie of the Year as voted by the fans. Coach came out to the ring to thank someone special, who had been there from day one.

Razzle Dazzle came to the ring, decreeing it was him that made Coach Mammone. Mammone disagreed, and the Commish decided to give them a chance to fight.

Razzle Dazzle vs Coach Mammone

  • Razzle picked things up quickly, showing a sign of something we haven’t seen from him in the past.
  • Coach Mammone was able to come back and break the facade of Razzle Dazzle.
  • At the end of the night, #TeamMammone would be celebrating with Coach, who picked up the win.


Champions The Fast and Furriest (Bryce Donovan/Johnny Collins)
vs Notorious & Lawrence Spiral

  • The champions came out to the ring with confidence, ready to face off the popular Lawrence Spiral and VPW newcomer Notorious, who debuted in January.
  • The combination of Notorious’ power and Spiral’s speed wasn’t enough for the champions, as they were able to match them at every step.
  • As the match came to a close, it looked like Collins was hot dogging it a bit, but in the end the champions retained.


It was the 2016 Gold Rush Rumble when Smart Mark Sterling made his VPW debut, and it would be at Before the Storm where he would return, calling out anyone in the back.

Perhaps he did not know that three-time VPW Champion VSK was in the back, ready for a fight. VSK accepted the Smart Mark Open Challenge.

Smart Mark Sterling vs VSK

  • Sterling took control early, showing off his intelligence in the ring by keeping VSK off his game plan.
  • VSK was able to mount a comeback, but not before taking a tour of Snap Mare City.
  • Sterling made it difficult for VSK to string together a good game plan, but in the end, it was VSK with the win.


King of New York Jay Delta vs Francis Kip Stevens

  • Francis Kip Stevens was supported by the fans, who were just trashed by King Delta. Once the match started, Delta made Stevens pay.
  • Stevens faced Delta at the King of New York, and was seeking to exact revenge against Delta.
  • Distracted by Puppet Jay Delta, Stevens was caught off guard and was unable to recover.


Absolute Alvin Alvarez came to the ring to celebrate his Absolute birthday. He started off by mentioning Stockade unable to appear because of his attack Alvarez, and then on Commissioner Kevin Fulton last month.

Fulton came down to make a few things clear. First, he wished Alvarez a happy birthday. Second, he wished him well on his celebrations later that night. Finally, he mentioned that before he went, he had a match.

As Alvarez complained he had no gear, DA Black Sheep came to the ring, looking to pay back from the chair shot he took at King of New York.

Absolute Alvin Alvarez vs DA Black Sheep

  • It was power and speed against anger and rage. DA Black Sheep picked up early in the match.
  • Alvarez was able to muscle his way into control, and didn’t let go.


After the match, Alvarez grabbed a door from under the ring and set it in the corner. He then threw DA Black Sheep into the door, shattering it, telling DA Black Sheep to pass the message to Stockade that “the door is always open.”

The Even Stevens (Steve Somerset/Stephen Azure)
vs VPW New York State Champion Steve Gibki
& VPW Champion Mister Tibbs

  • The Even Stevens were surprisingly ready for main event status, despite being in the ring against the two top champions in VPW.
  • There was a lot of back and forth action, but the singles champions were able to manage the match.
  • At times, it looked like Tibbs and Gibki were trying to one-up each other. With one successful move following the other, the Stevens were in the wrong match at the wrong time.
  • With Tibbs on the outside, Gibki was able to cap off the match with his Feel Good Drag finisher.


After the match, while Gibki was celebrating, EJ Risk and King Delta stormed the ring and attacked the New York State champion. With the odds against him, Coach Mammone stormed from the locker room, evening the odds.

Once the attack was thwarted, Coach celebrated with Gibki, then with Tibbs. Tibbs then kicked Coach in the gut and hit him with a stunner, knocking Coach out of the ring and sending Gibki into a rage before another staredown. Tibbs backed off first, grabbed his championship, leaving Gibki in the ring standing tall.

What does this mean as VPW rolls into our anniversary show?


Champion Steve Gibki defends against EJ Risk


Tickets go on sale online for First and Second rows – $25

Call for more information at 631-357-1810


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.