October 19, 2021
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Does K-Fresh have the heart to overcome Romeo Roselli?

It was Friday night, May 11 at Islip High School.  “The Heartthrob” Romeo Roselli returned to Victory Pro Wrestling.  Returning for the first time in two years, Roselli made quick work of his opponent “Firebird” George Santi, and focused his attention to the New York State Championship currently held by”K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton.

May 19 in Centereach, he had his chance to become New York State Champion. Frustrated by the no-quit attitude from Fulton, Roselli knocked the referee down and kicked the champion mercilessly.  His disqualification cost him the title, but not the opportunity, as the champion demanded a rematch against “The Heartthrob” when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Centereach June 30.

Will Roselli become the next New York State Champion?  “Of course I will,” declares the challenger.  “I’m bigger, better looking, and more deserving to be a champion than.. him.”

“He represents everyone that comes to VPW shows,” said Roselli.  “He’s out of shape, disgusting, and smells, just like those fans last month.”

Roselli guaranteed to become the next New York State Champion after facing Fulton at Carnage in Centereach VII.  “When I become the New York State Champion, I will take that belt and bring it to Westchester County, far away from those disgusting Long Island fans and around real New Yorkers.”

Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Centereach
“Carnage in Centereach VII”
Saturday June 30

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