October 28, 2021
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EJ taking Risk, facing Crippler in Centereach

Ricky Reyes against King EJ RiskEJ Risk caused his team to lose the Victory Pro Wrestling tag team championships in October.  Eight months later, he finally faces his former partner in Centereach.

It all started at the 2013 King of New York tournament, when EJ asked his ConfluxXx partners to let bygones be bygones but instead of brotherly love, Ricky Reyes and Jay Delta gave him a beat down, and later that night, they cost him a chance at becoming the 2013 King of New York tournament winner.

A month later, Risk and Delta collided, and again Reyes played a role, costing Risk to lose again.

At the Fans Choice show in Deer Park, with the Crown of New York high above the ring, Reyes again came out to cause havoc, but with an assist from Amazing Red, the distraction was minimal, and Risk was able to climb to the top of the ladder and reclaim what he feels is rightfully his.

After the match, realizing what happened, he called out his former partner, saying that he beat Delta, now he was going to finish the job at Carnage in Centereach.  Can EJ Risk take out his former tag team partner, or will Ricky Reyes show EJ Risk why he is known as the Cuban Crippler?


Saturday June 8
VFW Post 4927

31 Horseblock Road, Centereach, NY

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Ricky Reyes v. King of New York EJ Risk

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