Just one year ago, Fighter Cat and Grammar Cop were not allies but enemies. But over the course of six months, these two were drawn together and eventually formed Fighter Cop, combining their talents and hunger to be more than two singles competitors wasted in matches that would get them no closer to championship honor.

Bryce Donovan and Johnny Collins were also not a tag team. In fact, a year ago they both made their debut in Victory Pro Wrestling after never teaming together before. Donovan and Collins are both tag team specialists, as they have held championships in other promotions. In VPW, the two were last minute replacements for new VPW Tag Team Champions #TeamAddams to face.

At Glory Days, two teams that did not exist prior to last April collide for Victory Pro Wrestling’s tag team championships. For the team of Fighter Cop, this opportunity was not handed to them.

At Before the Storm, Fighter Cop claimed the Number One contendership to the VPW Tag Team Champions after defeating Lawrence Spiral and Notorious. At Blood Sweat & 13 Years, VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton decided to give the Even Stevens a chance to become Number One contenders, backing Fighter Cop into a corner. After an impressive match, Fighter Cop once again claimed their right to challenge Fast and Furriest.

While being thrust together at the last second, the team of Donovan and Collins worked very well together. Their styles meshed as if they had been teaming for years, and they were quickly given an opportunity to challenge, and reign, as VPW Tag Team Champions.

Fighter Cop fought each other before teaming up. They knew each other for years, training together in the VPW wrestling school before their professional debuts, and wrestling against each other. Fighter Cat build a trust in Grammar Cop, who was first hesitant in the allegiance.

Lately, the gel between Collins and Donovan is, at best, questionable. Donovan suffered an injury but still competed with his foot in a boot, while Collins reveled in the action. Recently, some fans have noticed that Collins may be hot dogging a little more than usual, overshadowing his much taller partner.

Will Fighter Cop continue to rise and claim the VPW Tag Team Championships at Glory Days, or will the sophomore year be faster and furrier for Donovan and Collins?


Champions Fast and the Furriest defend against Fighter Cop

Champion Ariela Nyx defends against Ashley America

Stockade returns to face Absolute Alvin Alvarez
Winner must throw his opponent through a door!!!


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Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.