ConfluxXx celebrating together after Reyes' win in Deer Park
ConfluxXx celebrating together after Reyes’ win in Deer Park

Hundreds of fans supporting Kevin Tibbs were shocked during the last professional wrestling show held in the Deer Park Community Center when his second reign as Victory Pro Wrestling came to a stunning end after two brainbusters from ConfluxXx leader Ricky Reyes.

EJ Risk and VsKIn the last professional wrestling event to be held at Homer Avenue in Deer Park, VPW Commissioner EJ Risk started the show by hyping the crowd and getting them excited for the 2015 King of New York tournament in January, the VPW Tag Team Championship match later, and for the main event for the Victory Pro Wrestling championship between Kevin Tibbs and Ricky Reyes. Before he could go any further, though, VsK came out to the ring.

VsK told the fans, and EJ Risk, that the fans would love to see Reyes and Tibbs for the main event, but to close out Deer Park forever – why not make it a triple threat and add VsK to the mix?

EJ Risk, however, said no. That while that would be an amazing main event, EJ Risk made a promise to the fans. That he would give them something new, not the same thing over and over. That he would not give in to VsK like VPW Management would any time VsK said he wanted something.

He did say, though, that he would give VsK a title match, but that he would have to earn his way up to that, and that he would have a very large mountain to climb before earning that number one contendership again. EJ Risk then introduced VsK’s opponent for his match.

Ahtu vs. VsK

From Days Untold, the 6’4″ tall 265 pound monster Ahtu would be VsK’s opponent. Unlike most of the talent VsK faces, Ahtu was able to take the abuse the power of VsK brings. At one point in the match, it took several dropkicks from VsK to catch Ahtu off guard. Another point saw VsK soar through the ropes to the outside to knock Ahtu down, but the monster kept coming back.

Opportunity was VsK’s last resort. Grabbing a chair from the fans, VsK’s frustration looked to work to his favor. EJ Risk, however, was not going to let that fly and took the chair from him. As VsK, EJ Risk, and the official were arguing, Ahtu stalked his opponent from behind. VsK sensed it and delivered a low blow without the official or EJ Risk seeing it, and delivered a super kick to end the match.


Destructico vs. Mister AO vs. Fighter Cat
vs. Super Pogo (w/ Mystical Magi) vs. “Firebird” Jorge Santi(c)

The match was fast and furious, keeping the fans excited. Destructico soared at one point over the top turnbuckle into all four opponents. The eliminations started when a split leg power bomb from the New York State Champion sent Mister AO back to the locker room. With the Mystical Magi outside the ring supporting him, Super Pogo showed some life. After a brief back-and-forth, Fighter Cat was eliminated when Super Pogo rolled him up. Destructico risked it all from the top, but was knocked out after Pogo caught him and delivered his bookend slam.

But Super Pogo was finally eliminated after a running Mario stomp and a roll up from the champion.

WINNER: Jorge Santi

Nikki Addams (w/ Mikey Old School and Razzle Dazzle) against Karen Yu

When EJ Risk stated his initiative to change things in VPW, that included the launch of a women’s division. Nikki and Karen showed the fans in Deer Park that EJ Risk’s decision to do this was the right thing to do, performing in a hard fought match. Nikki wore down on Karen, but was unable to finish her opponent. Karen found a way to come back and win the match, but Mikey Old School and Razzle Dazzle both jumped on the apron, distracting the referee and Karen just enough for Nikki to surprise Karen with a classic school-boy pinfall.

WINNER: Nikki Addams

After the match, 2-time VPW Champion Kevin Tibbs came to the ring with Dorian Graves. He talked about how much the Deer Park Community Center meant to him, that every VPW title he won was in Deer Park, and that tonight he would square off with one of the best wrestlers in the world in Ricky Reyes to prove once again that he is the best VPW champion ever.

He left Dorian in the ring for the next contest, set to prepare for the main event later in the evening.

Kai Katana vs. Dorian Graves

One month earlier, Graves and Tibbs were in the main event challenging for the VPW Tag Team Championships. Katana squared off against hardcore legend Sabu. Both matches pushed them to their limits, giving them both the experience and desire to push themselves even further. This match proved that as both Katana and Graves dug deeper than they had in the past. All signs pointed to no for Dorian Graves after a rolling slam was followed by Katana’s flying moonsault to seal the deal.

WINNER: Kai Katana

During the intermission, the Deer Park Community Center was awarded a plaque honoring and thanking the Stengal family and the Deer Park Community Center for the service they provided to the community and for the opportunity and support they provided to many years of independent wrestling.

The Down Boyz (Tony and Steve) (c)
vs. Dickie Rodz and Johnny Ova (w/ Agent to the Stars Bobby Riedel)
vs. Cooley K and…

Cooley K came to the ring with Grop the Caveman, but made it clear that Grop was not his partner. He told the fans that he’d love to team with Da Boombox, but VPW said that couldn’t happen. So instead of going to the back and asking around for a partner, he just invited anyone in the back to come out and take this opportunity to become VPW Tag Team Champion with him.

…Razzle Dazzle.

And with Razzle Dazzle coming to team with Cooley K, we were under way. This wasn’t Johnny Ova’s first dance in Victory Pro Wrestling, but while it was for Dickie Rodz, it was clear early on that Ova and Rodz had teamed before. The inexperience factor was clearly to Cooley K and Razzle Dazzle, but they surprisingly worked well together, considering. However, it was that inexperience that cost them, as Razzle Dazzle was in the wrong part of town and cost his team the match.

Steve covers Johnny Ova for the winThis left Tony and Steve with Ova and Rodz. The challengers gave the Jersey champions a run for their money and almost gave Bobby Riedel his first managerial run as a champion in VPW, but Steve’s power just turned it up, giving them a chance to deliver their dropkick Doomsday device to score the win.

WINNERS: The Down Boyz

As they were celebrating, they told the sound guy to cut their music. Tony and Steve then started taunting the fans, telling Deer Park it was their turn to finally tell them they appreciated The Down Boyz, that it was almost a year ago when they first came to Deer Park and now they closed it down, and that they would not leave the ring until the fans acknowledged that.

Coach Greg brought his security team to the ring to escort The Down Boyz to the back, and after a brief challenge, the champions scurried out the side exits into the freezing rain with security chasing after them.

“The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes (w/ Jay Delta and Kevin Fulton)
vs. “Savior of Wrestling” Kevin Tibbs (w/ Dorian Graves and Jake Hendrix) (c)

In one corner, the leader of ConfluxXx and a world of experience, including both the VPW Tag Team and New York State titles. In the other, the leader of The Church and the second ever VPW Triple Crown champion and the only man to hold two titles in VPW at the same time. At stake, the Victory Pro Wrestling championship and the historic footnote giving the victor the right to claim the final win of the final match of the final show in the history of the Deer Park Community Center.

To add to the importance of that footnote would be the man in charge, referee Steven D. With two of the best wrestlers in the Northeastern US performing in the ring, the fans were on their feet. The ring could not contain the action, and with the official counting, Tibbs and Reyes showed no sign of returning to the squared circle any time soon. Seven. Eight. Nine. As he was about to throw the ten count and end the match, the referee shook his head and followed the competitors to near the timekeepers table and told ring announcer John E Radioo that tonight, this match would end in the ring with a pinfall or submission.


The fans cheered at that decision, and the fire between champion and challenger rose, giving them both new life to continue this clash. Jay Delta and Jake Hendrix followed their respective teammates as Reyes and Tibbs found themselves crashing through the stage door and onto the stage where the VPW House Band performed earlier. Reyes’ head crashed onto a cymbal, thanks to an assist by Tibbs in the form of a right hand. Hendrix came to assist, but was stopped by a cake to the face from Jay Delta. His actions did not go unnoticed as Delta ate a superkick from Kevin Tibbs.

2014_DECEMBER_DEVASTATION_008The champion then noticed a table, then called for a power bomb, much to the fans’ delight. He grabbed Reyes, set him up, but Reyes blocked it. He went for it again, and Reyes blocked it again. Reyes then escaped the precarious position and shoved Tibbs off, falling into Hendrix. Frustrated, the champ shoved Hendrix out of his way… and into the hands of Reyes, who picked up the masked Hendrix and body slammed him into the table, bringing the doctor and several security members over to check on Hendrix before bringing him to the back.

With the action eventually going back to the ring, Reyes and Tibbs somehow found a way to turn the action up. And the fans loved every moment of it. But a frustrated Kevin Fulton… not so much. He grabbed a chair and was looking to end this once and for all, but Dorian Graves grabbed that chair, then chased Fulton to the back, leaving the leaders of ConfluxXx and The Church to settle this out in the ring without any further interference.

Reyes finally sealed the deal with his patented brainbuster to finish the match, but somehow Tibbs kicked out. But Reyes did not let go of the headlock. Instead, he rolled Tibbs up and delivered a second brainbuster, mere seconds after delivering the first and to the shock of every fan in Deer Park, Ricky Reyes joins the Triple Crown club and scores his first Victory Pro Wrestling championship.


WINNER: Ricky Reyes (title change)

Jay Delta and Kevin Fulton came back to the ring to celebrate with Ricky Reyes as the fans were disgusted, littering the ring with garbage, as this victory not only signified the end of Kevin Tibbs as champion, but the beginning of a new era of ConfluxXx domination.

With the 2015 King of New York tournament in January, one can only imagine what’s in store for Victory Pro Wrestling.

Saturday January 10, 2015
VFW Post 4927
31 Horseblock Road in Centereach, NY

New VPW Champion Ricky Reyes

The annual 12-man tournament to determine the
new King of New York

All this and more!

What will happen at
the 2015 King of New York


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.