July 31, 2021
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From Salvation to Superstar – Nikki Addams reigns as champion

At September Salvation 2014, then-new VPW Commissioner EJ Risk announced the resurgence of women’s wrestling with an official VPW Women’s Division.  One of those present that night would be Karen Yu.  Young, loved by the fans, and dedicated to wrestling, Karen has everything it takes to be a champion but one thing, the VPW Women’s Championship.

That belongs to Nikki Addams, financed by Mikey Old School.  The first ever female champion in Victory Pro Wrestling, Nikki has made it her mission to remain a champion and to try to show Karen that there is room for only one name on the spotlight.

VPW TV caught up with Nikki Addams after the Gold Rush Rumble to get her thoughts about Karen, who brought back Monique to help even the odds from the distractions of Old School.