Gold Rush Rumble Champion:

2018: Kevin Tibbs

The Gold Rush Rumble is a gauntlet-style battle royal, with the winner earning the right to challenge for and VPW Championship.  It has also crowned two vacant New York State championships. Gold Rush Rumble Rules

  • Two competitors start the match, with a new competitor entering the ring every 60 seconds
  • Competitors are eliminated when they are thrown over the top rope, with both feet touching the floor
  • The battle royal ends when there are four competitors left.  These four will meet in the main event of the evening in a Fatal Four-Way elimination match, with the winner declared the Gold Rush Rumble champion

Prior Gold Rush Rumble Champions

  • 2016 – VSK (2x)
  • 2015 – Fighter Cat
  • 2014 – Jorge Santi (for the New York State Championship)
  • 2013 – EJ Risk
  • 2012 – Kevin Fulton
  • 2011 – VSK
  • 2010 – Ricky Reyes
  • 2009 – Nick Noshus (for the New York State Championship)