October 28, 2021
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Has VsK gone too far? What does Commissioner Risk have in store for the former champ at Blood Sweat and 9 Years?

Has VsK gone too far?

A frustrated VsK stands over his former best friend EJ Risk moments after he super kicked the VPW Commissioner at the 2015 King of New York.

This was moments after Risk announced that VsK would be facing TNA star Ken Kennedy later in the evening, denying him once again a chance to challenge for the VPW Championship, a title VsK believes he deserves a shot at.

At the last sanctioned wrestling show in Deer Park, VsK faced the monster Ahtu after requesting a title shot from EJ Risk.  This was a month after VsK lost a number one contendership match against Ricky Reyes.

And at September Salvation, new VPW Commissioner Risk took VsK out of the main event for the VPW Championship and matched him up against Super Pogo instead.

How does this fare for VsK when Victory Pro Wrestling celebrates nine years of exciting wrestling action in Centereach?  Will Risk finally give in to the former champ, or will he stand his ground and keep VsK out from the top spot until he feels VsK has re-earned it?

VICTORY PRO WRESTLING PRESENTSBlood Sweat and 9 Years Anniversary Show
Saturday March 7, 2015
VFW Post 4927
31 Horseblock Road in Centereach, NY
VPW Champion Ricky Reyes
defends against Kevin Tibbs
and 2015 King of New York Kai Katana

Meet former WCW Scream Queen Daffney and
TNA Knockout $oCal Val

All this and more!

What will happen at the
9 Year Anniversary Show?