VPW Championship

Kai Katana
March 7, 2015 to Current

March 7, 2015:  After earning his chance to be the number one contender in the 2015 King of New York tournament, Kai Katana tore up with Ricky Reyes in a match that leaned towards the ConfluxXx leader, but in his first title defense, Reyes lost to Katana.

Title Defenses:
April 11, 2015: Jay Delta
June 6, 2015: Ricky Reyes
October 25, 2015: Kevin Fulton

Ricky Reyes
December 6, 2014 to March 7, 2015
91 days

December 6, 2014:  In the last sanctioned professional wrestling match ever at the Deer Park Community Center, one of the hottest feuds between faction leaders Tibbs and Reyes went out of control, into the stands, and onto the stage of the Center’s gymnasium.  In one of the best matches in VPW history, Ricky Reyes joined the Triple Crown club by winning the Victory Pro Wrestling championship.

Title Defenses:

Kevin Tibbs (2x)
May 3, 2014 to December 6, 2014
217 days

May 3, 2014:  In a steel cage, VsK and Tibbs battled a classic match.  The 15 foot high steel cage couldn’t keep Jacob Hendrix outside the ring, nor could it keep EJ Risk outside.  With the New York State champion there to help his friend VsK, the VPW champion told Risk to leave.  The distraction lead to a roll-up and a new VPW Champion as Kevin Tibbs became the first ever two-time VPW champion.

Title Defenses:
May 31, 2014: EJ Risk in a title vs title match that made him New York State Champion
June 14, 2014: Ricky Reyes
July 26, 2014: Kai Katana and VsK
September 6, 2014: Kai Katana and VsK

March 23, 2013 to May 3, 2014
406 days

March 23, 2013: After chasing the title for a year, former best friends collided in an incredible contest, giving VsK the final vindication of being the best in VPW with his first title reign, and by becoming the first VPW Triple Crown winner.

Title Defenses:
May 18, 2013: Kevin “MISTER” Tibbs
July 20, 2013: Jay Delta
September 23, 2013: Ricky Reyes (no contest)
November 2, 2013: Ricky Reyes (draw)
December 14, 2013: Ricky Reyes (2 falls to 1, 30-minute Ironman match)
January 25, 2014: Dorian Graves
April 12, 2014: Loss to “Savior of Wrestling” Kevin Tibbs (DQ)

Kevin “MISTER” Tibbs
March 31, 2012 to March 23, 2013
357 days

March 31, 2012: “The German Hammer” Josef Von Schmidt held an open challenge to anyone in VPW.  VsK came out first, then came Mr. Tibbs.  VPW officials turned it into a Triple Threat match, to which Mr. Tibbs came out victorious.

Title Defenses:
May 11, 2012: VsK and Josef Von Schmidt in a Triple Threat rematch
May 19, 2012: “Second To None” Alex Anthony
June 30, 2012: VsK – via disqualification
February 23, 2013: “K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton in a No DQ Street Match

“The German Hammer” Josef Von Schmidt
June 4th, 2011 to March 31, 2012
301 days

June 4th, 2011: After what looked like a disqualification, “The German Hammer” defeated Joe “So” Delicious to win the title.

Title Defenses:
September 17th, 2011: El Conquistador
October 8th, 2011: Jason Static
November 19th, 2011: Jason Static
December 3rd, 2011: Amazing Red w/SoCal Val
January 14, 2012: Defeated by New York State Champion Kevin Fulton (DQ)
February 4, 2012: Zombie in a Falls Count Anywhere match
March 10, 2012: Amazing Red

Joe “So” Delicious
March 19th, 2011 to June 4th, 2011
76 days 

March 19th, 2011: Defeated Mack Daddy Flexx in a Career vs. Career match, winning the title and forcing Flexx into retirement

Title Defenses:
April 16th, 2011: Jason Static
May 21st, 2011: E.J Risk & VSK

Mack Daddy Flexx
September 12, 2009 to March 19th, 2011
553 days 

September 12, 2009: Jason Static was the first person eliminated in this Three Way Dance. Static was pinned by Joe So Delicious. Delicious was subsequently pinned by Flexx.

Title Defenses:
October 24, 2009: Hangman’s Curse Match which also included Jason Static, Minyon and Sabotage.
November 14th, 2009 Lumberjack Match against Jason Static
December 12th, 2009 Joe “So” Delicious – match ended in a No Contest
January 30th, 2010 E.J. Risk
March 6th, 2010: E.J. Risk
May 1st, 2010: “The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes
May 15th, 2010: “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious & Ricky Reyes
July 24th, 2010: XanderXander Page
July 30th, 2010: Zombie
September 11th, 2010: Mack Daddy Flexx lost by DQ to Joe ‘So’ Delicious, but retained the title
October 9th, 2010: Mack Daddy Flexx retains his title against Joe “So” Delicious due to a No Contest
November 20th, 2010: Richie Tyler
December 4th, 2010: Minyon
January 15th, 2011: Zombie
February 19th, 2011: Mack Daddy Flexx lost by DQ to VSK, but retained the title

Jason Static
October 12, 2007 to September 12, 2009
701 days

October 12, 2007: Jason Static defeated Grim Reefer in the finals of an 8-man single elimination tournament that also included Azrieal, Richie Tyler, Mack Daddy Flexx, Sabotage, Joe So Delicious and Javi-Air.

Title Defenses:
December 1, 2007: Mack Daddy Flexx
January 19, 2008: Zombie
March 8, 2008: “The Miracle” Javi-Air
May 16, 2008: Shark Boy (Static lost by DQ, but retained the title)
July 11, 2008: “The Good Guy” Azrieal
July 26, 2008: Richie Tyler
September 6, 2008: Mack Daddy Flexx
November 1, 2008: “Smooth Operator” Mike Gallagher
December 6, 2008: “Smooth Operator” Mike Gallagher
January 10, 2009: Josh Daniels
February 28, 2009: Mack Daddy Flexx (Static lost by DQ, but retained the title)
March 13, 2009: “The Miracle” Javi-Air
May 9, 2009: VSK
May 22, 2009: VSK
July 11, 2009: “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious
August 8, 2009: “Smoother Operater” Mike Gallagher

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