Katana soars to victory

Kai Katana soars his way to championship victory in a triple threat match that saw Jay Delta represent the champion at Blood Sweat and 9 Years.

In a packed house in Centereach, Victory Pro Wrestling celebrated nine years of wrestling, with a dash of old and new faces, controversy, and excitement.

IMG_9755Jay Delta against Dorian Graves

Jay Delta returned to action the first time since his jaw was broken in 2013 to face the masked disciple of the Church of Tibbs. Graves has shown a lot of growth in the past year, but Delta showed that for him, being dirty is just like riding a bike, as he stole the win after a low blow the referee didn’t see.

WINNER: Jay Delta

VPW Commissioner EJ Risk came out next to address the crowd, first focusing on Delta and ConfluxXx and the VPW Championship.  Citing that Ricky Reyes had again claimed injury and was unable to perform, he was ready to strip the title… or put Jay Delta in the match to give the fans what they came for, a triple threat main event match for the title.  With the fans support, Risk made it official.  Delta claimed that just as he had beaten Dorian Graves, he will beat Kai Katana and Kevin Tibbs and keep the VPW Championship in ConfluxXx.

IMG_9802Risk then invited VsK to the ring.  He faced VsK and told him straight up that he has had accolades and championships, but VPW Management had coddled him, the locker room coddled him, and that he was handed those opportunities.  Risk said that he wasn’t trying to hurt VsK, but to help him, by making him earn his place on the top again.

VsK then said he was better than everyone in the venue, everyone in VPW, and anyone in the back, including Jorge Santi, which brought the “Firebird” to the ring.  Fired up, Santi said that he was ready to fight, and he wanted VsK right there and then, and he would put the New York State Championship on the line.

VsK against Champion “Firebird” Jorge Santi

In a long, hard fought battle, Santi and VsK tested each other’s limits.  The match could have gone all night long, as both competitors kept dishing out their best efforts to win.  It was an accident that changed the scene, when VsK was knocked into the referee as they both fell into the corner.  Santi had also gone down in the center of the ring, and VsK ceased this opportunity to grab the New York State title and crack Santi’s skull with it, stealing the win and the championship.

IMG_9852However, as the announcement was made and VsK’s music was playing, EJ Risk came back out, grabbed the title from VsK, and informed the ring announcer that VsK had used the title, and that by his ruling, the match would not end like this, restarting the contest.  After a missed super kick from VsK, Santi was able to pick up the win and successfully retain the title.

WINNER: Jorge Santi

SoCal Val came to the ring next, thanking everyone for coming to see Victory Pro Wrestling, for meeting her and Daffney, and… enter Jake Hendrix.

The other masked disciple of the Church of Tibbs came to the ring and demanded SoCal Val to leave and called out Grop the Caveman to a fight.

Jake Hendrix against Grop the Caveman

The match looked eerily like matches Grop the Caveman had with Jacob Hendrix, banned from VPW after losing a match to Grop in 2014.  However, instead of going for the win, Jake grabbed a steel chair and the microphone, hit Grop in the head, and then berated him.

IMG_9881The Boogeyman’s music hit and the fans went crazy for him.  The beast from the Bottomless Pit came to the ring, slowly circling his prey, until finally he connected with a devastating power bomb, knocking Hendrix out.

Laying Grop on top of Hendrix, the Caveman picked up the win.

Winner: Grop the Caveman

After the match, The Boogeyman pulled out the worms, threw some in the crowd, then fed Hendrix a mouthful before celebrating in the ring with some of the fans.

Once Hendrix finally came to, he saw the worms and started going crazy.

The Boogeyman, still at ringside, saw this and chased Hendrix out of the building!

VPW Tag Team Champion Steve from The Down Boys (w/ Tony and Chrissy)
against Mister AO
against El Destructico
against Fighter Cat

IMG_9936Tony from the Down Boys said that tonight, he was taking the night off, because The Down Boys are from New Jersey and they can do whatever they want.  Steve was going to do the light work, and then they were going back to Jersey, away from the dirty Long Island crowd.  This didn’t sit well with the fans, as they littered the ring with garbage.

Before the match officially started, the official checked each competitor.  That’s standard, but this comes up here because Mister AO had brought a little more than ring gear and a jacket to the ring.  Apparently AO had a couple of different weapons he could use to the ring, each of which the referee made him put in the corner with his jacket.  He did miss a set of brass knuckles that AO showed the crowd, but stuffed back in his jeans before the referee caught him.

That would bite him later on as he used the knuckles on El Destructico.  The official saw something and demanded to see what AO had.  After a couple of behind-the-back switches, AO dropped the knucks and was eliminated.  Fighter Cat then eliminated El Destructico.

Fighter Cat almost lost the match immediately after as Steve connected with a huge spear out of nowhere.  Fighter Cat kept going, clawing his way at the VPW Tag Team Champion.  Chrissy distracted the referee as Tony climbed the top and connected with the Down Boys Doomsday Dropkick.  When the referee turned around, Steve was on top of Fighter Cat, scoring the win.

Winner: Steve

Razzle Dazzle came to the ring with Mikey Old School, trashing the fact that in the nine years of Victory Pro Wrestling, some big names have come… and gone.

IMG_9943Mack Daddy Flexxx.

Jason Static.

Joe So Delicious.

Xander Page.  He then turned to the crowd and told them that they had nothing to worry about, because he would never, EVER leave VPW.

The music hit and an old face came from the back as Xander Page returned to VPW for the first time in almost three years!

He came to the ring and Razzle backed himself into apologies before Page finally just snapped, knocked both Old School and Razzle down with a double clothesline.

He then finished the job by hitting Razzle Dazzle with a Crucifix powerbomb.

IMG_9954South Shore Outlaw Kevin Fulton against Cooley K (w/ Daffney)

ConfluxXx’s Kevin Fulton competed in his first match since 2013, and his first match was against former VPW Tag Team Champion Cooley K.

Fulton showed that his time off was not spent relearning the finer technical aspects of wrestling, but sharpening his attitude and aggression.

However, the combination of time away from the ring and Cooley K’s intense ring awareness kept Fulton from picking up the win.

WINNER: Cooley K

Jay Delta (representing Ricky Reyes)
against Kevin Tibbs
against Kai Katana

Triple threat rules state there must be a pinfall or submission, and the contest cannot end in disqualification.  Jay Delta would come into this contest representing the VPW Championship, the first time a non-champion has ever defended a title in VPW.  Kevin Tibbs, the former 2-time champion, set his eyes on title number 3.  Kai Katana, the 2015 King of New York, was chasing his legacy.  It was March 12, 2012, when Kevin Tibbs first became VPW Champion in a triple threat match.  Katana has never had the upper hand on Tibbs, and Delta, a three time former VPW Tag Team Champion knows how to win in the spot light.

IMG_0006Delta showed that injury did not slow him down, and neither did the fact he wrestled earlier in the night.  Tibbs, on fire and on track, mounted a furious attack on his opponents.  Katana relied on his brute strength and instinct before finally calculating and dissecting Delta and Tibbs piece by piece.

The action spilled outside the ring more than once, and the fans went back and forth on support of Tibbs or Katana.  Delta had support of his own, as Kevin Fulton came out to deliver a #LeftyLariat on Tibbs.

When he turned around, Katana was there on the attack.  He followed by picking up Jay Delta and connecting with a rolling slam, followed with a moonsault, and picking up the victory.


With a standing crowd, Kai Katana astonished the fans with an amazing performance.  He shocked the world by doing something he had not done since joining VPW – speak.  From 2012, he had wrestled in VPW and his victory was not just for him but for those that supported him.

The new champion invited the fans to continue the journey with him as he defends the championship in the future.

VPW 100
Saturday April 11, 2015
VFW Post 4927
31 Horseblock Road in Centereach, NY

New VPW Champion Kai Katana
in his first title defense

Former WWE tag team champion
Scotty 2 Hotty

All this and more!

What will happen at
VPW 100?


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.