The 2019 King of New York saw Coach Mammone go the distance only to be robbed by what would be known as The Influence.

At the Gold Rush Rumble, it looked like history would repeat itself.

Champion Throwback Eric James vs Notorious Dezmond Cole

  • The young challenger came out hot, going after James and wanting that championship.
  • The experience of the champion was highlighted, but Cole continued to surprise him.
  • After a second sunset flip from the corner, James finished the challenger off with his signature finisher to end the match.

Karen BamBam and the Queen of New York Jayel Cotto
vs The Ultra Violette and Eris Rayne

  • Cotto and BamBam dominated the match with dirty tactics and double teaming. They showed the chemistry that tag team wrestling needs to succeed.
  • Violette and Rayne worked with each other, but the chemistry wasn’t as sharp between them, perhaps because they competed against each other the last time they were in the ring together.
  • A series of mistakes gave Rayne and Violette the upper hand and the win after a kneeling DDT from Rayne to seal the victory.

After the match, Rayne brought fiance Lawrence Spiral to the ring to announce that both of them were honored that the VPW fans had welcomed them with open arms, and that they were going to be going away to celebrate their marriage and honeymoon. They thanked the fans for their support and announced they would return in January.

Master of the Chicago Bearhug Steve Michaels vs Ryan Galeone

  • Michaels was billed at 375 pounds, giving him a 120 pound weight advantage to Galeone, who stands at 6’7″.
  • Michaels was slow and calculating, looking to wear his opponent down. Galeone, however, was not the kind of competition Michaels was expecting – a big man that can fly like a cruiserweight.
  • Galeone picked the pace up, which was too much for Michaels, and finished him off with his springboard somersault kick.

Head Honcho of Handsome Johnny Pretty Boy Collins (with the Even Stevens) vs The Vestler Jack Tomlinson

  • The action started outside as Collins didn’t want to go in. Tomlinson slid outside, but Collins was able to gain control until the action returned to the ring.
  • The action was very high paced as both wanted to come home with the winner’s pay check.
  • Action on the outside from the Even Stevens caused distractions inside the ring, but Bryce Donovan, Collins’ former tag team partner, came out from the back and evened the odds.
  • This gave Tomlinson to connect with a powerful finish to pick up the win.

Champion Mister Tibbs (with VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton) vs Stockade

  • Before the introductions, Stockade stalked Tibbs in and outside the ring. Once the match started, it was all action. Stockade was in control early and the fight quickly spilled outside.
  • Stockade used the mats and wrapped Tibbs up before splashing on top of him. Then, as he was looking to inflict more damage, Fulton got involved. This gave Tibbs the opportunity to gain the upper hand.
  • The champion dominated but was unable to keep Stockade down. Jay Delta came to the ring and eventually distracted Stockade.
  • Eric James came to the ring to also serve as a distraction. Ryan Galeone and Kyler KHAN then came to even the numbers.
  • VPW Commissioner then stopped the action to instruct the official that it would now be a no disqualification match. Tibbs grabbed the championship, threatening to use it against Stockade, but he was unable to do so. KHAN would grab the belt and it looked that he was going to attack Tibbs, but KHAN attacked Stockade instead. The champion would cover Stockade and retain the championship.

Anastasia Morningstar vs Champion Ariela Nyx

  • Morningstar dominated the match early, picking up where she left off the last time they faced. The challenger worked on Nyx, trying to choke her out and bend her back out of shape.
  • Nyx fired back, mounting an offense that would finally score her the win after a neck breaker.

After the match, the Queen of New York Jayel Cotto came to the ring and attacked the champion before standing over Nyx and holding the VPW Women’s Championship high.

First, the rules:

  • Two competitors start the match
  • After 60 seconds, a new competitor enters the match
  • To be eliminated, you must go over the top rope and both feet must touch the ground
  • The last competitor standing is the Gold Rush Rumble winner and will face the Victory Pro Wrestling champion at November’s Disorderly Conduct

Drawing #1 was Steve Somerset. He came to the ring with Stephen Azure, ready to go coast to coast.

Drawing #2 was Francis Kip Stevens, who came out to the ring cheered by the fans, only for him to flip the bird and walk to the back.

While Somerset cheered, declaring himself the winner, time had elapsed and the Gold Rush Rumble continued with #3…. Evil Kip.

After some jaw jacking and verbal abuse from Evil Kip, the countdown for the next entrant started and all of a sudden, Evil Kip and Somerset decided to team up against whomever was next, who happened to be Lawrence Spiral. Mike Anthony was next, and he targeted Spiral.

Ryan Galeone came in and took everyone on. The first elimination came when he eliminated Steve Somerset.

Fighter Cat drew next, then Kash Camacho, before the 375 pound monster Steve Michaels entered the foray. The Windy City native eliminated Spiral, Mike Anthony eliminated Fighter Cat, then Michaels eliminated Galeone.

Dezmond Cole entered the Rumble next, but he did not last long after encountering Steve Michaels. While trying to size up the 6’7″ Michaels, Mike Anthony used this as a distraction to eliminate Cole.

Michaels then grabbed Mike Anthony by the throat when Jersey Muscle Steve Gibki came to the ring. He charged after the Chicagoan before everyone decided to team up and eliminate Michaels.

Drew Justice was the next entrant, and after him was Alvin Alvarez, then Jesse Hurst. Everyone started to gang up on Gibki before Percival the Third entered the match. Fired up, everyone turned their attention to the London representative, who was then eliminated by Alvarez before everyone started to circle around Gibki again.

With Gibki outside the ring and about to be eliminated, his music played again. With the fans confused, it turns out it was not a mistake but instead the return of Gibki’s cousin and former tag team partner Tony Vincita! He stormed the ring and evened the playing field, then eliminated Camacho, then Drew Justice. He teamed up with Gibki and dropped Alvarez.

Gibki and Vincita stared at each other and with everyone else down, it looked like a possible “every man for himself” moment. Instead, the two former Down Boyz hugged each other.

Things got weird next as the next competitor was Bobby Orlando, who brought Bobby Jr with him to the ring. For those that don’t know, Bobby Jr is a goat.

The Giant Andre came down the ring and was next in the match. He came in and just tore everyone apart before eliminating both Mike Anthony and Jesse Hurst. As he turned around, Gibki and Vincita were there for him. They took the big man down, and while they were celebrating, Alvarez snuck up from behind and eliminated Vincita.

The next entrant was Jonathan, who is also one of the security guards. The Giant Andre made quick work of him and eliminated him in under 30 seconds.

Lance Anderson drew the next entry and he came down to meet up with Bobby Orlando. Orlando, talking with Bobby Jr, told him it was his dream and he was finally able to realize it, before siccing him to Anderson. Anderson then threatened to eliminate Bobby Jr from the match, with Orlando begging him off. Finally, Anderson dropped Bobby Jr over the top rope, and all four of his hooves touched the mat.

Bryce Donovan stormed the ring and came to take care of business. He tore everyone down except The Giant Andre, who kept him in check. Andre stunned Donovan.

Next up: Coach Mammone. He came in with the whole house on fire supporting him, and it translated in the ring. Mammone attacked Andre first, who then charged him in the corner. Mammone ducked it and used Andre’s momentum to toss him over the top. Evil Kip came in and attacked, only to be thwarted and eliminated by Coach.

The Head Honcho of Handsome Johnny Pretty Boy Collins was next. Once in, he made quick work of Donovan, eliminating his former partner as payback from earlier in the night.

Jack Tomlinson stormed the ring next, and he went after Collins. Next, the New York State champion Eric James, who went right after Gibki. Gibki turned it around and started throwing everyone around with German Suplexes.

With Gibki fired up, Alvarez snuck up from behind him and eliminated Gibki, just like he did earlier to Vincita. Alvarez gloated after yet another elimination, rubbing it into the face of Gibki when Lance Anderson scored his second elimination of the night (if you include Bobby Jr) by throwing Alvarez over the top rope!

The King of New York Jay Delta came out next and brought his scepter to the ring as a weapon, attacking everyone in sight before teaming up with fellow Influence member Eric James to eliminate Jack Tomlinson and Lance Anderson.

The final entrant of the night was also the newest member of the Influence, Kyler KHAN. James, Delta, and KHAN dominated the ring. First they went after Collins, who instead of challenging the triad, decided to climb over the top rope and eliminate himself. Bobby Orlando, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. The Influence eliminated him from the match.

The final four competitors were Jay Delta, Eric James, Kyler KHAN… and Coach Mammone. Clearly at a disadvantage, the Influence started to pick away at Mammone. After beating Mammone down, KHAN grabbed Coach’s whistle and mocked him before Stockade’s music played. With everyone looking at the locker room, Stockade slipped in from behind and attacked KHAN, eliminating him from the match, before chasing him outside and to the back to make him answer for his earlier actions during his match against Tibbs.

Eric James was stunned, screaming from the ring about how this could have happened, before turning around and getting caught by surprise by Mammone, who eliminated him. Before he could recover, Delta had the scepter and used it to neutralize Mammone.

With the odds stacked against him, it looked like once again The Influence would prevail against Mammone. Delta took the lifeless Mammone and lifted him into a fireman’s carry, ready to drop his body over the top, but at the last second, Coach came alive and slipped out. Mammone dropped Delta with a reverse DDT, then grabbed a second whistle before ripping his pants off and hitting the Coach’s splash.

From there, he took a stunned Delta and tossed him over the top rope to win the Gold Rush Rumble and compete for the Victory Pro Wrestling championship at November’s Disorderly Conduct!

The road to Disorderly Conduct begins at Carnage in Centereach 13, where some serious fall out will unfold.

  • VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton put a bounty on Coach Mammone that nobody was able to collect.
  • Stockade wants answers from Kyler KHAN.
  • Are Tony Vincita and Steve Gibki back together?
  • Will Cotto pay for her actions against Ariela Nyx

Tickets go on sale for Carnage in Centerach 13 this Monday morning at 9am.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.