EJ Risk addressing the VPW fansWith his heartfelt announcement at “Disorderly Conduct,” EJ Risk’s run in Victory Pro Wrestling was over.

It all started in 2008, when the young man from Flushing, Queens, teamed up with Justin Toxic to face JMS and VsK in a tag match.  Risk’s team came up short that night, but it was the start of a storied career for EJ.

In the first round of the VPW Tag Team Championship tournament, EJ’s team (Pretty Poison) came up short again, but it would not be the last time that Risk would see an opportunity for tag team glory.

Before that happened, he broke through as a singles competitor after  becoming the inaugural King of New York in 2011. He continued to dominate as he recaptured the crown in the second King of New York tournament in 2012.

Also in 2012, Risk became VPW Tag Team champion with partner Ricky Reyes.  As part of ConfluxXx, Risk dominated some of VPW’s top stars with incredible microphone skills that captivated the fans and angered his opponents.  Those skills followed him after ConfluxXx kicked him out, as did his winning ways.

EJ Risk wins New York State ChampionshipIn 2013, Risk became the Gold Rush Rumble champion, giving him the opportunity to challenge for any championship he wanted.  He chose to challenge for the New York State championship, a title that eluded him until February 8, 2014, when he defeated Kai Katana.

His 112 day reign as New York State champion came to a halt when he lost to VPW Champion Kevin Tibbs in a championship versus championship match.  A month later, Risk announced that he had been wrestling injured, and that his doctors told him it was time to let his body heal before risking serious damage to his spine.

His final match had come full circle for EJ Risk.  In 2008, he lost to VsK in a tag team match.  At Disorderly Conduct, he would get to right that wrong as he and VsK would go one on one.

EJ Risk won that match, but not without a price.  Looking out at the fans, his family in attendance, one last time with tears in his eyes knowing that he had lived a dream to perform, to wrestle, and to become champion.

What comes next for EJ Risk?  Only time can tell.  But fans hope to hear his music blare and the ring announcer introduce once again, “From Flushing, Queens, E J Risk!!”

Fans in support of EJ Risk


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.