The Jerry Fitzwater Show
The night kicked off with The Jerry Fitzwater Show. Fitzwater came out to sing some of his holiday favorites. The singing session was abruptly ended by Joe So Delicious. The next thing we knew, Santa Claus himself was in the ring. Santa said he had a very special gift for Joe that he’s been waiting many years for. Santa handed Joe a wrapped box.

When Joe opened it, he was not happy. Apparently Santa gave Joe an Ultimate Warrior wrestling buddy. Joe said that Santa dropped the ball because he wanted a Hulk Hogan one instead. Santa said that he could make it up to Joe since he had another surprise for him, a VPW Championship match right now against Mack Daddy Flexx. This turned Joe’s frown around.

VPW Championship
Mack Daddy Flexx (c) vs. ‘Ultra Sexy’ Joe So Delicious – ended in no contest
Joe has felt that he was the rightful number one contender since he was the one that actually eliminated Jason Static in the match that saw Flexx become champion. It looked like Joe may have had Flexx in this match, but sadly we will never know what the outcome would have been. In what looked like a coordinated attack on two of VPW’s most popular stars, Ricky Reyes and Josef Von Schmidt attacked.

Reyes jumped out of the crowd and immediately went after Flexx. At the same time, Von Schmidt came down the aisle with a steel chair and leveled Joe. All hell broke loose and security needed to break up this mauling. Both Flexx and Joe were taken off to a local hospital.

E.J. Risk d. Nick Saint w/ Mikey Old School

Minyon w/ Black Rose d. Nightmare

VPW Tag Team Championship
Funky Fresh Boyz (K-Funk & K-Fresh) w/ Ms. Terri (c) d. The Gentlemen’s Club (Pete Simmons & Sabotage) w/ Sweet Pea
Before the match, both members of the Gentlemen’s Club made it known that they are part of the most dominant faction in VPW history, but the only gold they haven’t held is the VPW Tag Team Championship. They also informed the fans that their leader, Jason Static, is down south taking care of business. The Funky Fresh Boyz defeated their veteran opponents in a match that further elevated their reign as VPW’s top team.

‘Cuban Crippler’ Ricky Reyes d. ‘The Miracle’ Javi-Air
Reyes was taken to the limit by Javi-Air, but the Cuban Crippler’s rampage seems unstoppable. After the match, Reyes bragged about how Flexx was taken off to the hospital and how he will be the one to defeat the VPW Champion.

Mixed Tag Team Match
El Sandwich & Dani DT d. Mike Magnum & Madison Rayne
Magnum teamed up with another TNA Knockout to once again take on Dani DT and El Sandwich, but this time the results were very different. Not only did Magnum lose the match, but Madison Rayne had enough of him by the end of the match. To the crowd’s delight, she joined Dani DT in disposing of her former partner.

Three Way Dance
Josef Von Schmidt d. Razzle Dazzle & Flames
Flames eliminated Razzle Dazzle first. Dazzle was not in the holiday spirit as he broke candy canes instead of sharing them with the fans. While Flames was on fire early on in the match, the monstrous Von Schmidt extinguished Flames.

Zombie d. Johnny ‘Muscles’ Marinara

10. VPW New York Championship
VSK (c) d. Romeo Roselli
Roselli tore apart the VPW fans before the match, but in the end, VSK remained champion.

Long Island Street Fight
‘The Resurrection of Tag Team Wrestling’ Eclipse (Jay Delta & Xander Page) d. Suburban SWAT Team (‘Prince of Suburbia’ Johnny Suburban & ‘Suburban Bad Boy’ Joey Everlast)
Back in October, Eclipse embarrassed Coach Greg. In response, Coach Greg declared that he’d bring a tag team from outside of VPW to take out Eclipse. Greg came out and told Eclipse that he couldn’t deliver on bringing in an outside team. Eclipse then backed Greg into a corner when out of nowhere some familiar music it and the Suburban SWAT Team stormed the ring.

Greg didn’t bring in an outside team, but he did bring back one of the most popular teams in VPW history. The last time the SST were in VPW as a unit was at the beginning of 2009 when it looked like Eclipse ran them out of town. Weapons immediately filled the ring and a wild street fight ensued. Unfortunately, the SST was not successful in defeating their rivals. Following the match, Eclipse went after Greg. The Funky Fresh Boyz ran down to save the coach.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.