The ring announcer welcomed everybody to the event and immediately informed the crowd that due to injuries sustained over the last few VPW events, Nick Noshus had not been cleared to wrestle by the New York State licensed physician in the locker room. This announcement caused the VPW New York Champion to come to ringside and confront the ring announcer.

Unfortunately for Noshus, it was then announced that he was stripped of the VPW New York Championship effective immediately. Noshus protested, but a representative of the New York State Athletic Commission made sure that Noshus turned in the title belt.

This caused a lot of the scheduled card to be altered and it was announced that later tonight, six of VPW’s best would compete in two triple threat matches. The winners of both matches will then face off to determine the new VPW New York Champion.

VPW New York Championship Qualifying Triple Threat Fatal Fourway
Joe So Delicious d. Minyon & Jorge Santi & Javi-Air
Joe So Delicious pinned Jorge Santi. Just as the match began, Javi-Air’s music hit and he charged the ring. Javi-Air told the crowd that it can’t be an anniversary show without Javi-Air. The triple threat was then changed into a fatal fourway, allowing Javi-Air the opportunity to compete for the championship.

Richie Tyler w/ Dani DT d. Johnny ‘Muscles’ Marinara w/ Vinny the Guido, Miss April & Gina Bella
Before Richie Tyler and Dani DT came out, Vinny told the crowd that he’s sick and tired of Dani DT talking about how hard she trained and how much she wants to wrestle. He said that he brought in Miss April to shut Dani up in her debut match later on. During the match, Scotty Rio came out and tried to help Muscles win, but it didn’t work. Right after Muscles was pinned, Rio and Muscles put the boots to Richie, but Spike VTG Enterprises.

VPW New York Championship Qualifying Triple Threat
Sabotage d. Xavier & VSK
Sabotage pinned VSK. Xavier also showed off his new look and wrestling style, which was incorporated an MMA approach.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
Fitzwater sang his way to the ring and spoke about how February was a month of love. He then introduced his guests, the entirety of Best Bodies, Inc.; “Best Body In The Business – So The Ladies Say” Jason Static, “Masculine Marvel” Sabotage, Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious & “The Answer” Pete Simmons.

Fitzwater stirred the pot a little and discussed how later on, Joe So Delicious and Sabotage would have to wrestle each other to determine the new New York State Champion. Static and Simmons tried to play peacemakers. Static then discussed how he still didn’t know who his opponent was later in the main event.

Fitzwater said that he already knew who it was. Fitzwater then told Delicious, who started running his mouth again. At this point, Static looked like Delicious was getting on his nerves once again and stealing the spotlight. Fitzwater then called out Static’s opponent, Mack Daddy Flexx. Wisely, Flexx did not get in the ring, but warned Static that this time, the VPW Championship was his.

No Disqualification Match
Spike Dudley d. Scotty Rio w/ Vinny the Guido
Before the match, Vinny the Guido said that Rio was too good looking to chance getting put through a table and that since the fine print said “card subject to change,” there was nothing Spike Dudley could do about it. During the match, Johnny “Muscles” Marinara came out to help his partner. Richie Tyler then came out to even the odds. Spike then cracked all of VTG Enterpries in the head with Vinny’s steel briefcase, including Vinny.

VPW New York Championship Finals
Sabotage d. Joe So Delicious
The two cornerstones of Best Bodies, Inc. went at it in a match where all bets were off. During the match, Pete Simmons came out to make sure things didn’t get too far out of hand. Sabotage cheated to win by holding the ropes on his partner. Immediately after the match, Joe and Sabotage started shoving each other. Pete Simmons tried to break it up. That didn’t work, so Jason Static had to come out. He finally calmed the group down and reminded them all that he still had to retain his championship later on.

Dani DT d. Miss April w/ Gina Bella
This was Miss April’s VPW debut and Dani’s wrestling debut. Miss April dominated the majority of the match, but it was all over once Dani hit her DDT.

VPW Tag Team Championship Fatal Fourway
Eclipse d. E.J. Risk & Justin Toxic &. Suburban Swat Team w/ Mikey Old School &. Funky Fresh Boyz
This match featured elimination rules where anybody could tag anybody. There were several “see to believe” multi-man maneuvers in this match. About ten minutes in to the match, Risk and Toxic eliminated the Funky Fresh Boyz. Shortly after, the champions, Suburban SWAT Team, eliminated Risk & Toxic. This left the two long-standing rivals in the ring once again. Unfortunately for the Suburban SWAT Team, Eclipse got the better of them and became two-time VPW Tag Team Champions.

VPW Championship
Mack Daddy Flexx d. Jason Static
During the match, Static got busted open and was bleeding on his forehead and chest. In a fit of desperation, while the ref had gotten knocked down, Static waved on for help. Out came Sabotage, Pete Simmons and Joe Delicious. Sabotage and Simmons held Flexx while Static ordered Joe to do his job and attack Flexx.

Delicious sized up Flexx, but instead of going after Flexx, he chokeslammed Static. Joe then went after Simmons and Sabotage, and left the ringside area. Flexx crawled over to the fallen Static for the pinfall, but at the last possible second, Static kicked out.

Mack Daddy Flexx won by disqualification when Jason Static refused to release a modified Long Kiss Goodnight Crossface that he had Flexx tangled up in on the ropes. Sabotage and Simmons then went after Flexx again, but Joe So Delicious ran out to stop the rest of Best Bodies, Inc. Joe and Flexx had a stare down, but then embraced.

Due to the disqualification, Jason Static remains VPW Champion.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.