January 19, 2022
Tickets on sale now for VPW 149: Before the Storm in February ICYMI: New champion crowned; Andre’s Absolute Betrayal; Tibbs talks titles; and the Coach/Collins finale. Results from VPW 148: Devastation Eric James defends the New York State Championship against VPW newcomer Dante Drago at Devastation 12/18 Are the Even Stevens true champions or were they just at the right place at the right time?

RESULTS: February 4, 2012: “Fans’ Choice 2012″

Results are in from Fans’ Choice 2012 in Deer Park!

How did VPW Champion Josef Von Schmidt
fare off against Zombie in their
Falls Count Anywhere match?

Was New York State Champion Kevin Fulton
able to defend the title against
Jay Delta in their Blindfold match?

And were VPW Tag Team Champions VSK and Kevin Tibbs
able to successfully defend their belts against
Ricky Reyes and EJ Risk in their Ladder match?

Updated with detailed results!

Before the show started, Victory Pro Wrestling had a 10-bell salute for Michael Matthew Niekum and Aunt Beverly Kearson.

“Luscious” Joe Sloan of Custom Vinyl defeated Cousin Simon of the Amish Boyz (with Mikey Old School)
One half of Custom Vinyl defeated one half of the Amish Boyz. A match between both teams is sure to be in the works for the near future.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
Jerry Fitzwater came out and said that it was now time for E.J. Risk’s coronation. Risk won the VPW King of New York tournament a few weeks ago for the second consecutive year. Fitzwater first brought out fellow Conflux members Jay Delta and Xander Page. They had wanted to be the ones to introduce Risk. The leader of Conflux, Ricky Reyes was handling other business and not on site for the coronation.

Risk was more arrogant as usual when addressing the fans. He even went as far as to insinuate that Fitzwater’s caveman sidekick Grop was VSK. The members of Conflux made it clear that they were going to get the gold back by night’s end. Fitzwater then proceeded to sing a special coronation song for Risk.

Razzle Dazzle (with Jacob Hendrix) and “The Iceberg” Nick Noshus fought to a double count-out.
This match ended in a double countout.  The fight spilled to the outside and Razzle cracked Noshus with a loaded puppet to leave him laying on the floor.

2012 VPW Fan’s Choice
New York State Championship
Blindfold Match
“K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton (c) defeated Jay Delta
In a VPW first, the New York State Championship was defended in a blindfold match.  The crowd was electrified from start to finish as they guided K-Fresh to his opponent.  Both wrestlers had difficulty staying on top of each other, but the VPW fans thankfully played a huge part in this unique encounter.

Three-Way Elimination Match
“Man of Faith” Brian XL defeated “Firebird” Jorge Santi and El Conquistador (with Mikey Old School).
This hard-hitting match so action all over the place and featured three fan favorites.  The competition was intense, but El Conquistador eliminated Santi only to be eliminated by XL shortly after.

Amazing Red defeated “Your Hero” Mike Magnum.
In a rematch from last months King of New York Tournament, Red again defeated Magnum.  Magnum was set on avenging his loss, but Red proved to be the better man.

Jay’s Challenge
Following intermission, as the second half of the show was about to start, Jay Delta came down to ringside. Infuriated by his earlier loss. Delta challenged “K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton to a rematch for the NYS Championship on March 10, 2012 for the 6th Anniversary Show.

Delta blamed his loss on the blindfold and said that in a straight wrestling match he was sure to win. VPW officials discussed this match and it is now official for March 10th!

2012 VPW Fans’ Choice 
VPW Tag Team Championships
Ladder Match
VSK and Kevin Tibbs (c) defeated EJ Risk and Xander Page
The champions retained in a match that words will not do justice to.  For those of you reading this that missed it live, please do yourself a favor and make sure that you pick up the DVD.  This was a match that in VPW’s six years of existence already stands out and will always be remembered.

After the match, Risk said that the fans voted for Ricky Reyes and himself to face the tag champions and since Reyes wasn’t there, they should still get that title match.  VSK and Tibbs had no problem with that.  The match is set for March 10, 2012.

2012 VPW Fans’ Choice
VPW Championship
Falls Count Anywhere
“The German Hammer” Josef Von Schmidt (c) defeated Zombie
The fans wanted the Zombie to challenge Josef Von Schmidt in a falls count anywhere match for the VPW Championship and they got it.  Von Schmidt didn’t seem keen on the idea of such an out of control match and did his best to keep it in the ring.  His strategy worked as he retained his championship.

After the match ended, it was announced that Amazing Red would receive the title match on March 10, 2012.

Check out photos from the show!


VPW Championship
“German Hammer” Josef Von Schmidt (c) vs. Amazing Red

VPW New York State Championship
Jay Delta vs. “K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton (c)

VPW Tag Team Championship
“Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes & “King Of New York” E.J. Risk
vs. VSK & Kevin Tibbs (c)

Also appearing:
TNA Knockout – Angelina Love
Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout – Shelly Martinez

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