Victory Pro Wrestling’s King of New York tournament was a twelve-man single elimination match.  The first round were six one-fall matches, the second round were two Triple Threat matches, and the final match was a singles match for the King of New York.  So…

Who is the new VPW King of New York?!?

King of New York – First Round
VSK d. Jay Delta
One half of the VPW Tag Team Champions defeated one half of the team that he won the titles from in this opening contest which set the tone for the whole night.

King of New York – First Round
El Conquistador d. Destructico
El Conquistador continued his hot streak against one of his old rivals. Destructico hasn’t crossed paths with El Conquistador in months, but this match may have reignited that feud.

King of New York – First Round
Kevin Tibbs d. “The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes
After losing in the finals of the 2011 tournament, Tibbs was more determined than ever to win this years’. This was without a doubt the hardest-hitting match of the night and despite Ricky Reyes’ best efforts, Tibbs was successful in round one. Reyes, the leader of Conflux was not happy at the result since this leaves him with back to back losses to both Funky Fresh Boyz.

King of New York – First Round
E.J. Risk d. “Man of Faith” Brian XL
The 2011 King of New York defeated Brian XL, a man who has been impressing everyone as of late. Of course, Risk did hit XL with a low blow while the referee was preoccupied.

King of New York – First Round
Amazing Red d. Mike Magnum
Red took it to the returning Magnum in this first round match.  Magnum looked like his attitude has shifted back to his old ways since we last saw him as Mikey Old School did not accompany him to ringside.

King of New York – First Round
Xander Page d. Zombie
Two of VPWs titans went toe to toe, but Page’s devious tactics allowed him to prevail giving Conflux a 50% success rate in the first round.

Special Attraction Match
“Firebird” Jorge Santi d. Razzle Dazzle
In what must be considered the final encounter between these two, Santi again defeated Dazzle after a plan between Hendrix and Dazzle backfired. After the match, Nick Noshus ran down and brawled with Dazzle.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
Jerry Fitzwater and Grop came down to ringside for the Jerry Fitzwater Show. Fulton was introduced as the new VPW New York State Champion. He said that he was tired of Von Schmidt bulling everyone and issuing open challenges each month. Fulton then made an open challenge of his own for a title for title match with “The German Hammer”. Von Schmidt came out and accepted.

Title versus Title
VPW Championship & New York State Championship
“K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton d. “The German Hammer” Josef Von Schmidt by DQ
The match went back and forth until Von Schmidt decided to crack Fulton in the face with the championship belt. The ref saw this blatant disregard for the rules and disqualified the VPW Champion. Fulton was declared the victor by disqualification. As a result, no titles changed hands.  Von Schmidt is still the VPW champion, and Fulton is still the New York State champion.

King of New York – Second Round
Kevin Tibbs d. Xander Page and VSK
This was the first of two triple threat matches for the second round.  This was also a rare occasion that saw the current VPW Tag Team Champions square off against each other.  Page looked like he was in trouble as the two friends were clearly working together.  Eventually that teamwork ended as both men wanted to advance to the finals.  Tibbs pinned VSK for the win which caused some tension between the champions.  For the second year in a row, Tibbs was heading to the finals.

King of New York – Second Round
E.J. Risk d. El Conquistador and Amazing Red
The second triple threat match saw lightning quick action from all three competitors.  In the end, Risk pinned El Conquistador in a match that looked like it could have gone any way at any time.  This gave Risk literally only a few minutes to rest before going to the finals.

King of New York – Finals
E.J. Risk d. Kevin Tibbs
to become the 2012 King of New York

In a rematch of the 2011 finals, Risk and Tibbs went at it once more. The difference this year is that Tibbs was not still recovering from a shattered ankle and the playing field was level. Both men were rightfully exhausted by this match, but still gave it there all as they were both determined to walk away as the prestigious King of New York. At one point, a collision knocked the referee down.

Ricky Reyes saw this as an opportunity to help Risk. VSK ran out immediately after Reyes to try and neutralize him. This confusion led to VSK accidentally super kicking Tibbs and Risk becoming the King of New York for the second consecutive year. Tibbs then blamed VSK for the loss and Tibbs’ temper failed. VSK tried to calm his friend down, but Tibbs wanted no part of it and stormed off.

While this was going on, Reyes and Risk pranced around ringside with the crown and trophy, much to the fans’ dismay. The official coronation will be held on February 4, 2012 in Deer Park.

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