Funky Fresh Boyz challenge Eclipse
Funky Fresh Boyz come out and thank all the fans for helping with the fundraiser. Then said they were here for “business” to fight Eclipse in a match later in the night. Eclipse comes through the crowd and attacks Funky Fresh Boyz in the ring. K-Funk got thrown out of the ring, leaving K-Fresh by himself. Eclipse crippled K-Fresh’s ankle, and exited in laughter.

Reggae Dones d. Anthony Starr

K-Funk d. Jay Delta
About half-way through the match, XanderXander Page comes to ringside from the back. He yanks on K-Funk’s leg while the ref’s distracted. XanderXander Page goes for a swing at K-Funk, but misses. Jay Delta forearms K-Funk from behind and then gets K-Funk up on his shoulders. He calls XanderXander Page to get up on the apron. XanderXander Page gets on the apron and puts his boot up on the turnbuckle. K-Fresh hobbles to ringside and uses his crutch to attack XanderXander Page from behind. K-Funk slips from Jay Delta’s grip and pushes Jay Delta into XanderXander Page’s boot. K-Funk gets Jay Delta up, hits him with a Celtic Cross for the pin.

Sabotage d. Mike Gallagher
About 5 minutes into the match, Joe So Delicious comes to ringside and distracts Mike Gallagher. Sabotage goes for a quick roll-up and the win.

Joe So Delicious starts running his mouth and both members of Best Bodies, Inc. gang up on Gallagher. Mack Daddy Flexx comes running from the back and enters the ring to help his friend. This leads right into the next match.

Mack Daddy Flexx & Mike Gallahger d. Joe So Delicious & Sabotage
Gallagher hits Joe So Delicious with a piledriver for the win.

Coach Greg comes down to the ring and introduces Big Vito as his solution to the Nick Noshus problem.

#1 Contendership Match for Tag Team Title Shot Later Tonight
VTG Enterprises d. Team Zero
Vinny the Guido distracts Scampi, allowing Muscles to get Scampi up on his shoulder. Scotty Rio gets up on the top rope and drop kicks Scampi for the win.

Richie Tyler (w/ Dani) & Nightmare d. E.J. Risk & Justin Toxic
After tagging in Toxic, Risk attacks Richie Tyler and brawls with him on the outside of the ring. Behind the ref’s back, Toxic grabs a chair and gets into the ring, ready to use it on Nightmare. Dani gets on the apron and rips the chair out of Toxic’s hand. Angry, Toxic pulls Dani into the ring by her hair. Dani slaps Toxic across the face and hits Toxic with a DDT. Nightmare goes to the top rope and hits Toxic with a frogsplash for the pin.

Triple Threat Match
VSK d. XanderXander Page and Javi-Air
Towards the end of the match, K-Funk runs through the crowd, leaps from the barricade to the apron and kicks XanderXander Page, who’s standing on the outside. VSK hits Javi-Air with a 450 for the pin.

VPW New York State Championship match
Nick Noshus(c) d. Big Vito (w/ Coach Greg)
Big Vito hits Nick Noshus with a lifting DDT. Coach Gregg tells Big Vito to do another. Big Vito hits Nick Noshus with a second one. Coach Gregg tosses the title to Big Vito and tells him to use it on Noshus. The Ref tries to convince Big Vito to put the title down. Big Vito hits Noshus with the belt and gets DQ’d

VPW Tag Team Championship Match
The Suburban SWAT Team (c) d. VTG Enterprises
Towards the end of the match, Mikey Old School wheels out Vinny the Guido who is taped up in a chair with a SWAT shirt on. Muscles and Rio are distracted, Everlast attacks them from behind. SWAT hits Rio with a sidewalk slam/neck breaker tag team combo for the win.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.