October 19, 2021
ICYMI: #ANDNEW? Not so fast: Collins caught cheating, Coach retains. Full results from Showdown in St. James Tickets are on sale for Disorderly Conduct 11/13 The Vestler vs the Savior? Tomlinson meets Tibbs at the Showdown in St James October 9 VPW Champion Mammone to defend against Gold Rush Rumble winner Collins at Showdown in St James Saturday October 9

RESULTS: July 31st, 2010 – “VPW Dark Days”

XanderXander Page w/ Jay Delta d. Mike Magnum w/ Mikey Old School
Mike Magnum came out accompanied by Mikey Old School as the newest member of Old School Unlimited. He explained that since he’s no longer with Muscles, he wants to be a “Hero” to all the fans. Xander Page ended up winning with a chokeslam off the top rope. VPW Tag Team Champions Eclipse attacked Old School & Magnum after the match. The Funky Fresh Boyz ran out for the save. K-Fresh challenged Jay Delta to a one-on-one match, with XanderXander Page banned from ringside

K- Fresh d. Jay Delta
K-Fresh won with the Freshmaker making it the second straight singles loss for Delta and possibly rekindling the Funky Fresh Boyz/Eclipse war.

“Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes d. K-Funk
Funk held his own for most of the match but Reyes resorted to giving Funk a low blow to steal the win.

Tina San Antonio w/ Reggaedones d. Dani DT
Reggaedones kept trying to interfere in the match. After Dani hit the DDT on Tina, Reggaedones pulled the referee out of the ring right before the 3-count. Dani angrily approached Reggaedones on the apron and slapped him. She then turned around only to get yanked into the corner by her hair, allowing Tina to hit a cartwheel-back elbow and then bulldog Dani for the win.

The Patriot d. EJ Risk
The Patriot defeated the upstart with Uncle Slam.

Triple Threat Elimination for the NYS Championship
VSK d. Reggadones & Johnny “Muscles” Marinara
Although outnumbered, VSK retained the gold. Reggaedones was eliminated first by VSK with a backcracker, followed by Muscles being eliminated after taking a superkick

VPW Championship
Mack Daddy Flexx d. Zombie
The former fan favorite champion took on the ever-popular Zombie. This new attitude of Flexx may have cost him the support of the loyal VPW fans, but it hasn’t hurt his success rate in the ring.

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