January 22, 2022
“I never got my rematch….” Mister Tibbs to challenge VPW Champion Johnny Collins at Before the Storm Feb 19 Tickets on sale now for VPW 149: Before the Storm in February ICYMI: New champion crowned; Andre’s Absolute Betrayal; Tibbs talks titles; and the Coach/Collins finale. Results from VPW 148: Devastation Eric James defends the New York State Championship against VPW newcomer Dante Drago at Devastation 12/18

RESULTS: June 17, 2006 – “Carnage In Centereach”

Danny Demanto d. Ashe Samuels
Ashe Samuels came out and cut a promo ripping into New York and the New York fans. He then issued a “Philly Challenge” for anybody in the back from New York to accept. Danny Demanto accepted and defeated Ashe in short fashion.

Grim Reefer d. Danny Demanto
Immediately after Demanto was declared the winner, Grim Reefer came out and verbally abused Demanto. Reefer got Demanto to leave the ring, but as he was leaving, Reefer attacked him from behind. This led right in to their match.

Richie Tyler d. Sabotage w/ Don Tony
In a rematch from City Limits, Richie Tyler managed to get the best of Sabotage. Sabotage brought in Don Tony as his insurance policy, but it ended up backfiring. Don Tony and his tray of canolis ended up on the floor after his and Sabotage’s plan didn’t go too well.

April Hunter w/ JD Michaels d. Alicia
Before the match, April cut a promo ripping on the fans. Alicia carried her own, but JD kept sticking his nose in the match. After the match, JD and April beat down Alicia. Danny Demanto made the save and JD/April retreated to the back.

Jason Static d. Papadon
After the losing the match, Papadon brutally attacked Jason Static.

SAT d. Javi-Air and Jamie Van Lemer
The SAT came out to ringside and said that tonight they wanted to make sure that one of their boys was on the level and to test what he was made of. They called out Javi-Air and told him to bring a partner. After the match, both teams showed respect to each other.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
Jerry Fitzwater conducted the interview to his usual antics. April discussed how JD is a true Canadian Superstar. She then went off on Teddy Hart. JD then spoke about his match for the night, the scheduled main event, between himself and Xavier. JD said that there’s only one person that’s the best, himself. That brought out Xavier who stormed the ring. They started brawling and the main event went on earlier than planned.

Eclipse w/ Jack O’Hearts d. James Sullivan & Chopsaw
Eclipse continued their winning streak. James Sullivan failed to defeat Eclipse after trying with two different partners between this show and the last one.

Elimination Match
DC Diamond d. Eug Perversion, AC Carter w/ Jack O’Hearts & L.I. Kid
L.I. Kid was the first one eliminated. He was followed by AC Carter. In the end, DC Diamond pinned Eug Perversion. Immediately after Diamond won, Jack O’Hearts’ contingent of Eclipse and AC Carter hit the ring and annihilated DC Diamond and Eug Perversion.

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