Best Bodies, Inc. Segment (Jason Static, Sabotage, Pete Simmons)
The Joe So Delicious-less version of Best Bodies, Inc. came down to the ring to let the fans know that they dropped Joe So Delicious because he would not follow orders and couldn’t get the job done. They also discussed Sabotage becoming the new VPW New York Champion and how they would all be victorious tonight. Static brought up how Joe and Flexx are all of the sudden buddies when Flexx shouldn’t trust Joe after all that’s happened between them over the last few years.

Mack Daddy Flexx & Joe So Delicious d. Team Zero (Damian Dragon & Ken Scampi)

VPW New York State Championship
Sabotage d. Mike Gallagher

Nightmare d. Pete Simmons
Pete Simmons lost by DQ..

VPW Tag Team Championship
Eclipse (Jay Delta & Xander Page) d. Funky Fresh Boyz (K-Funk & K-Fresh)
Eclipse retained their newly regained VPW Tag Team Championship. K-Funk went for a springboard which backfired into a black hole slam by XanderXander Page for the win. Immediately after the match, the Suburban SWAT Team came out and said they want a rematch with Eclipse to get their titles back. While this was going on, E.J. Risk and Justin Toxic hit the ring and went after the SST. All 4 teams started brawling with Eclipse/Risk/Toxic facing off with SST/Funky Fresh Boyz. SST/Funky Fresh Boyz challenged both teams to an eight-man tag later in the night, which everyone accepted.

Johnny ‘Muscles’ Marinara & Miss April w/ Vinny the Guido & ‘Brooklyn Doll’ Gina Bella d. Richie Tyler & Dani DT
During the match, Dani hit April with a Heart Attack. Vinny jumped onto the apron and interrupted the count. Dani slapped Vinny, turned around, and took a kick to the gut. A Shining Wizard from Miss April gave VTG Enterprises the victory.

Xavier d. VSK
The newly MMA focused Xavier defeated VSK with a submission hold..

Funky Fresh Boyz & Suburban Swat Team w/ Mikey Old School d. Eclipse & E.J. Risk & Justin Toxic
K-Fresh won it for his team after a Freshmaker on Jay Delta for the win.

Jason Static d. Javi-Air
Static won with the Long Kiss Goodnight. Flexx and Joe came out after the match, followed by Pete Simmons and Sabotage. Both sides brawled and the show closed with Flexx and Joe standing tall in the ring.


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