JMS d. Rocksha 337
This match was Rocksha’s VPW debut and subsequently JMS’ first win after a year of close calls. After the match, the debuting Mr. Professional attacked and beat down JMS.

Following that mayhem, a very angry Kevin Matthews hit the ring. Matthews complained at his loss at Static Shocked to Mack Daddy Flexx and he also complained about the lack of respect shown to him by the Long Island fans. He then demanded that he go right to the top of VPW, which brought out Grim Reefer and Don Tony.

Reefer and Tony then had some fun at Matthews’ expense. This eventually led to both agreeing to a match later in the night. Reefer headed to the back while Don Tony stuck around talking to the fans. Kevin Matthews seized the opportunity to attack Don Tony since Reefer wasn’t around.

Don Tony soon found himself handcuffed to the guardrails getting cracked in the head with a chair. Reefer ran back out and chased away Kevin Matthews who had jumped into the audience.

Eclipse w/ Jack O’Hearts d. Boog Washington & Bison Bravado
This match was originally set to be a rematch between the Dead Presidents and Eclipse, but Lo Lincoln was out with injured ribs. Boog said that he was getting his revenge even if he had to do it alone. This brought out Bison Bravado who had no love lost with Boog Washington, but wanted to fight someone.

While Boog and Bison were talking things over, Eclipse jumped both men from behind and we had a match. This back and forth match saw Eclipse about to go down, but another one of Jack O’Hearts schemes secured a win for his team. Jack distracted the ref while Johnny Suburban ran down and cracked Bison in the head with Jack’s briefcase.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
Next up was Jerry Fitzwater with his special guest, “Queen of Scream” Daffney. Daffney and Fitzwater talked about Daffney’s role as special guest referee in the intergender tag match. Daffney also gave Fitzwater lessons in screaming. April Hunter and JD Michaels interrupted all of this as they were apparently tired of hearing Daffney scream. April immediately got in Daffney’s face, but Daffney soon reminded her that she was in charge tonight. Daffney then took off her sweatsuit and revealed the referee outfit already on. She said that if April was so eager for a fight then the match should start right away.

Intergender Tag Team: Danny Demanto & Alicia d. April Hunter & JD Michaels
When Danny Demanto and Alicia came out, Demanto and April really went at it verbally. Daffney then got the match started and after a lot of action, Danny hit the Hogsplash on April Hunter for the win in not only this match, but this feud of many months.

Mack Daddy Flexx/Richie Tyler d. Papadon/Sabotage
After several months of battling it out in the ring, Richie Tyler was able to get some measure of revenge when he pinned Papadon in this hard-hitting tag match. Early in the match, Papadon and Sabotage attempted to leave, but an injured Jason Static used his cane to get them back to the ring. Static was then announced as the special outside ring enforcer for the match.

After the match, Static went to congratulate Flexx and Tyler on their win, but as soon as Flexx’s back was turned, Static nailed him with his cane. Static, Papadon and Sabotage then assaulted Flexx and cleared the ring. Static then addressed the crowd as to why he was showing a different side of himself. He claimed that not one VPW fan cared that he was injured and not one fan cared enough to see how he was doing, so now he was doing things his own way.

Triple Threat: Deranged d. Azrieal & Jamie Van Lemer
Continuing VPW’s streak of hot cruiserweight triple threat matches, this one had the fans going wild. Early on in the match, Van Lemer and Azrieal worked together, but they eventually turned on each other. After a lot of high-flying and hard-hitting action, Deranged was able to pin Van Lemer.

Eug Perversion & DC Diamond w/ Jimmy Time d. Johnny Suburban w/ Jack O’Hearts & Scotty Rio
Perversion and Diamond were looking for some revenge heading into this one and to an extent, got what they wanted by defeating their rivals. After the match, the debuting Joey Everlast assaulted DC Diamond and revealed himself to be the newest member of Jack O’Hearts & The Crew. This post-match attack led to a pull-apart brawl.

Kevin Matthews vs. Grim Reefer w/ Don Tony – Double Countout
Reefer and Matthews went at it immediately once both men were in the ring. Reefer tried his best to use his speed and agility while Matthews wisely used his power. Eventually, Reefer locked in the Chronic Crossface on Kevin Matthews, but Matthews refused to give up. Matthews eventually made it to the ropes, but Reefer didn’t release the hold.

They fell to the outside where Reefer continued to secure the Crossface, but he still refused to break the hold and Matthews still refused to give up. The referee had no choice but to declare a double countout. It took all of VPW’s referees and security to get Reefer to break his hold. Matthews and Reefer continued to brawl in the aisle, but the security and officials eventually separated them.

This was a very dangerous situation and the issues between them look far from over. Both Reefer and Matthews have requested a rematch, but VPW officials have not decided if they want to sanction another match between these two based on how the night ended.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.