Full results are in from our Islip High School Show!

Victory Pro Wrestling visited Islip High School Friday night May 11 and rocked the house like no other!

It started out with the return of “The German Hammer” Josef Von Schmidt demanding a title rematch for the Victory Pro Wrestling Championship, claiming he was robbed.  VsK came out and said something about how he, too, was robbed.  Victory Pro Wrestling Champion Kevin Tibbs said that since he was not going to be in Deer Park that Victory Pro Wrestling mandated he defend his title, and that he’d gladly defend against both of them.

Triple Threat Elimination Match
Destructico (w/ Will De La Garza) d.
El Conquistador (w/ Mikey Old School) and “Your Hero” Mike Magnum

All three competitors gave it their best.  Magnum was eliminated first, and both Destructico and El Conquistator turned things up a notch.  After Destructico picked up the win, El Conquistador, with the translation assistance from his manager, challenged Destructico to a rematch, which Destructico accepted!

Brian XL d. “The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes
Brian XL filled in for his friend Amazing Red, who could not make the show.  A hard fought match between these two showed several times that Reyes was the dominant athlete, but the end result was that Brian XL was in fact the better man in Islip.

“The Heartthrob” Romeo Roselli d. “Firebird” Jorge Santi
Romeo Roselli, originally scheduled to return to Victory Pro Wrestling at the Deer Park show, decided to make his return in Islip.  Santi was able to stay alive and show life during the match, but in the end “The Heartthrob” came out on top.

After the match, Roselli told the fans that he was going to be at the Centereach show May 19, declaring that they’d have a real reason to come see a Victory Pro Wrestling show.

New York State Championship
“K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton (c) d. Razzle Dazzle (w/ Jacob Hendrix) 
The New York State Champion made short work of Razzle Dazzle, but after the match ConfluxXx’s Eclipse came out and double teamed Fulton.

Able to escape the claws of Xander Page and Jay Delta, Fulton said he’d put the title up for grabs AGAIN to either wrestler.

New York State Championship
“K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton (c) d. Jay Delta (w/ Xander Page)
A back and forth contest featured both wrestlers giving everything they had to beat each other to a pulp.  Even after sustaining a leg injury, Fulton was able to find a way to retain the title.

Kai Katana d. “Second To None” Alex Anthony
Katana’s debut match proved to be a successful one as Anthony was simply outmatched.  Anthony started to mount a comeback, but Katana’s moonsault off the top rope sealed the deal.

Special Guest:
Mike from the Booster’s Club

What was supposed to be a special moment to give Mike Geldmacher an opportunity to thank the fans for supporting the Islip Booster’s Club turned into something completely different when King of New York EJ Risk interrupted him, trashing the fans and trashing Islip High School.

VsK’s music came out and everyone thought order would be restored, but instead came Grop the Caveman wearing a VsK shirt.  The VPW Tag Team Champion even went so far to invite Grop in the ring to sing a duet but was finally cut off when “The Iceberg” Nick Noshus made his way to the ring.

“The Iceberg” Nick Noshus d. EJ Risk
After his match against Razzle Dazzle in March, Noshus was attacked by Risk and Reyes, setting up this match.  The Islip fans were clearly behind “The Iceberg”, and several times during the match, Risk almost came out on top.  In the end, Noshus was able to continue his undefeated record and pick up the win against EJ Risk.

Victory Pro Wrestling Championship
Triple Threat Match
Kevin Tibbs (c) d. “German Hammer” Josef Von Schmidt and VsK
Answering the call from earlier in the night, a rematch for the top prize in Victory Pro Wrestling was set.  Several times in the match it looked like the title would change hands.  In the end, VsK finally looked to have the match won,  but Tibbs showed that he will do anything to keep the title, even using it as a weapon.

After the match, Tibbs celebrated outside the ring, bragging that he is the best in Victory Pro Wrestling and that he beat – again – VsK and Josef Von Schmidt.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.