Full results are in from “Spring Fever 2012” in Deer Park!

The show started out with VsK in the ring, talking about how he had his “rematch” with Josef Von Schmidt and the VPW Champion Kevin Tibbs, but that things didn’t work out as planned.  He told the fans that if he had to start from the bottom and work his way back up he would if it meant bringing the Victory Pro Wrestling championship to the fans.

Razzle Dazzle’s music came out as he came out, with his manager Jacob Hendrix, for the night’s first contest.

VsK in control of Razzle Dazzle

VsK d. Razzle Dazzle via disqualification
The match started off with VsK reminding the fans that he and Razzle Dazzle once teamed up as a tag team.  They then did Razzle’s “Head Shoulder Knees and Toes” routine before VsK nearly took Dazzle out of his boots with a powerful clothesline.

Just as VsK was setting up for the Superkick, ConfluxXx members Ricky Reyes and EJ Risk came out and attacked him, causing the disqualification.  “K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton came out to make the save with a steel chair.  As the VPW Tag Team Champions were on their way to the back, VsK and Fulton demanded a title shot, which was granted.

Kai Katana d. “Firebird” Jorge Santi
He impressed Islip High School Friday night.  Saturday was no different for Kai Katana.  Despite a fight put up by Santi, it was over when he went for a moonsault and missed.  Katana took advantage with a moonsault of his own to seal the win.

Amazing Red and Brian XL demand a title match
Amazing Red told the VPW fans that he and Brian XL deserve a title match.  In fact, Brian XL was able to score a victory over Ricky Reyes Friday night in Islip, and their match ended in chaos when Red and XL challenged Reyes and EJ Risk at the end of March, so they asked what they needed to do to get another chance at the belts.

That’s when ConfluxXx members Eclipse came to the ring.  With big Xander Page behind him, Jay Delta told Amazing Red that if they ever wanted a title shot, they would have to go through Eclipse first.  They were interrupted by K-Pusha and K-Murda, collectively known as All Money i$ Legal, who came out to the ring because everyone else was ready to party.

K-Pusha and K-Murda take Jay Delta for a ride

Amazing Red/Brian XL d. Eclipse (Delta/Page)
and All Money i$ Legal (K-Pusha/K-Murda)

Fans were impressed by this new tag team to invade the Victory Pro Wrestling landscape, and they showed incredible respect to Amazing Red and Brian XL.  However, there was no love from Eclipse.

The action eventually spilled outside the ring, with a beautiful springboard plancha from Brian XL and a suicide dive from K-Pusha to knock down Eclipse, but Page was tough to hold down.  It took a double kick from Brian XL and Amazing Red to knock Page’s senses out, followed by a top rope splash from Red to pick up the win.

Mask versus Mask
El Conquistador (w/ Mikey Old School) d. Destructico (w/ Jacob Hendrix and Grop)

Before the match started, El Conquistador took a look at Destructico, who he had just faced a night earlier in Islip, and noticed he was a little bit… different.  Another classic match between these two ended with a win for El Conquistador.

As part of the stipulations for this match, the loser must take their mask off.  With that said, El Conquistador pulled the mask off and revealed… Flames!

Moments later, the real Destructico ran out from the back and attacked El Conquistador, with Flames coming back with an assist.

Musical guests Alive Mania meet Jacob Hendrix 
During intermission, Alive Mania was interrupted by Jacob Hendrix.  He came out and told the fans that this music was crap, and that the only band worth listening to was the Rock and Grop Experience.  Before he could take over the stage, he tripped over a cord and was carried off by Grop.

Zombie then came out and started to dance and excite the fans.  As intermission came to an end, the Victory Pro Wrestling theme blasted through, but before the ring announcer could come out to the ring, “Your Hero” Mike Magnum ran out and attacked Zombie.

The two brawled for a few moments before a referee came to the ring, and Victory Pro Wrestling management declared the match to be an impromptu no disqualification match.

No Disqualification Match
Zombie d. “Your Hero” Mike Magnum 
This match was chaotic,  with both Zombie and Magnum going back and forth.  They used chairs, the ringpost, the guard rails, and even food from the concession stand!  In the end, Magnum proved to be no match for Zombie.

EJ Risk punishing "K-Fresh" Kevin Fulton

Victory Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championships
Ricky Reyes/EJ Risk (c) d.
VsK and “K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton
The main event match of the evening could have been the main event match of any show and brought the house down.  The match almost ended several times with new Tag Team Champions, but somehow Reyes and Risk were able to retain the gold.

After the match, Eclipse came out to attack VsK and Fulton.  The numbers evened up with Red and XL coming back out to make the save.  They then made a challenge for Red and XL to take on the champions at the May 19 show in Centereach.  EJ Risk sang a song about how they were going to beat them May 19 when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to the VFW Hall in Centereach.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.