‘Firebird’ Jorge Santi d. Magic

Best Bodies, Inc. in-ring segment
Best Bodies, Inc. was represented by VPW Champion Jason Static, Pete Simmons and ‘Ultra Tough’ Doug So Delicious. VPW New York Champion Sabotage was said to be on special assignment and not present to defend his title. Simmons ran down Mike Gallagher and Static went off on Mack Daddy Flexx and Joe So Delicious. When Static began to discuss his opponent of the evening, VSK, he was attacked from behind by an energetic VSK. The rising star got one up on the champion early in the night.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
Fitzwater began by bringing out his very special guest, legendary VPW manager, Jack O’Hearts. The fans were very receptive to the return of an old favorite. Jack O’Hearts then called out his friends Joey Everlast and Mikey Old School and said that he’d have their backs tonight in the scheduled mixed tag team match.

At this point, Mikey Old School informed everyone that unfortunately the mixed tag match was off due to Vinny the Guido being seriously hurt in a motor vehicle accident prior to the show. Old School implied that he may have been responsible or at least knows who was responsible for what looks like cutting Vinny’s brakes.

The tag match was then changed to a singles match and an angry VTG Enterprises came out in the aisle. Vinny was seen severely bruised all across his head. He was also unable to stand on his own and looked to have vision problems. Muscles wanted answers from Old School, but didn’t get any.

‘The Answer’ Pete Simmons d. Mike Gallagher

E.J. Risk d. Richie Tyler w/ Dani DT
Prior to this unscheduled match, E.J. Risk came down to the ring and informed the crowd of how talented and how good looking he was. He then said that he knows one of the ladies in the back has been checking him out nonstop, Dani DT. Dani came down to the ring and seemed repulsed by Risk. Risk said that he was more man than her friend Richie Tyler. Just as Risk got in her face, Tyler came down to the ring to make sure Dani was alright. This led into a match between them.

‘Ultra Sexy’ Joe So Delicious d. Minyon
After Delicious defeated Minyon, He got on the mic and discussed how he is the rightful number one contender to the VPW Championship. Mack Daddy Flexx, who had been doing commentary all night, took exception to that and stated that he is the number one contender. With Flexx and Joe both in the ring arguing, Jerry Fitzwater hit the ring in an attempt to make peace. Fitzwater had the DJ play Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” and started boogying down. Sadly, an equipment malfunction cut Fitzwater’s antics short. Flexx and Joe seemed like they wanted to have a match to determine the true number one contender.

‘Suburban Bad Boy’ Joey Everlast & Mikey Old School w/ Jack O’Hearts d. Johnny ‘Muscles’ Marinara w/ “Brooklyn Doll” Gina Bella & company

‘Best Body In The Business – So The Ladies Say’ Jason Static w/ ‘Ultra Tough’ Doug So Delicious d. VSK
Jason Static defeated VSK with the Long Kiss Goodnight. Immediately after the match, Pete Simmons clocked VSK and then challenged Mack Daddy Flexx to a match. Simmons feels that neither Flexx nor Joe deserve a match with Static.

Kash Ramirez & J Wild d. XAK & Mason Shadows

Funky Fresh Boyz (K-Funk & K-Fresh) d. ‘The Resurrection of Tag Team Wrestling’ Eclipse (Xander Page & Jay Delta)
VPW history happened in Centereach one more time as Eclipse lost the VPW Tag Team Championship to the Funky Fresh Boyz. This match had a stipulation where the losing team would not be entitled to a rematch for the foreseeable future.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.