Full results are in from “Autumn Uproar” in Centereach!

We crowned new VPW Tag Team Champions, but that almost didn’t happen!

Find out what happened this weekend in Centereach!

Risky Business with EJ Risk
EJ Risk talked about later on during the night he’d be in a tag team title match but it didn’t matter because he had more important business to deal with with his first guest, VsK.

VsK told him that he was going to take out MISTER Tibbs and become the VPW Champion.  Risk said that they’ve both been in VPW for some time, and that if or when VsK beats MISTER Tibbs, then he wants a title match.  VsK agreed, after beating Romeo Roselli tonight, he’d beat MISTER Tibbs, then EJ Risk and anyone else that wanted to face him to show everyone that VsK was the best wrestler in Victory Pro Wrestling.

“I am a tag team specialist” – Jay Delta
Jay Delta came out and told the fans that he was going to be in a tag team match, and that he was so good that he could work with anyone to beat any tag team out there.  Enter: Razzle Dazzle.

Jay Delta & Razzle Dazzle d. Brian XL and Amazing Red
Out to prove a point, Jay Delta dominated the time in the ring, but Razzle Dazzle seemed to listen to the self professed “Tag Team Expert” and was able to help his “Team Orange” partner to victory.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
Jerry Fitzwater brings out K-Fresh Kevin Fulton, saying that two weeks earlier in Deer Park, they were rudely interrupted.  K-Fresh reminded the fans that he did take a beating but he gave one back, to the point where he injured Jason Static in their match.

The Gold Rush Rumble winner then told Centereach that he was ready to take the VPW Championship from his former tag team partner when MISTER Tibbs came out to ringside with his business associate Jacob Hendrix.

The VPW Champion told K-Fresh that he couldn’t wrestle tonight because he was also injured in Deer Park, and that the doctor did not clear him to wrestle.  However, Tibbs told Fresh that he was able to acquire the services of the baddest wrestler to hit VPW this year, Kai Katana.

VPW New York State Championship
K-Fresh Kevin Fulton (c) def. Kai Katana (with MISTER Tibbs and Jacob Hendrix) via DQ
Being in the same ring together for the first time since the Gold Rush Rumble, these two were no strangers.  The back and forth struggle between champion and challenger almost came to an end with Katana picking up the win, but he missed his moonsault, giving Fulton a chance to set up a Boston crab.  Just as Katana was about to tap out, “The Heartthrob” Romeo Roselli attacked the New York State champion, causing the disqualification.

Romeo grabbed the mic, telling Fulton that he wasn’t done with him yet, and that next month he wanted a title match in Deer Park next month.  Romeo then called out K-Fresh’s best friend VsK.

Romeo Roselli def. VsK
Both VsK and Romeo Roselli tore the house down, each having something to prove tonight.  VsK wanted to show the fans that he was the best wrestler in VPW, and Romeo wanted to show everyone that he’d take out VsK now, K-Fresh next month.  Tibbs and Hendrix, still at ringside, taunted VsK during the match, even costing him the win.

After the match, K-Fresh came back out and, along with VsK, said that next month in Deer Park, VsK and K-Fresh, or as he called them VsK-Fresh, would team up to face off against Kai Katana and Romeo Roselli.  After the encounter, both VsK and K-Fresh took turns attacking MISTER Tibbs’ administrative assistant Jacob Hendrix.

Why wait to have Da Hou$e Party?
Cooley K and K-MC came down to the ring, along with “Da Boombox”, and said that while they have their title match tonight against Ricky Reyes and EJ Risk, they didn’t want to wait anymore.  They called out the tag champions, and while Ricky and EJ did come out to ringside, they quickly turned tail after saying they were going to defend their titles later on in the main event.

“Firebird” Jorge Santi def. “Second to None” Alex Anthony
Usually cheered by the fans, Alex Anthony returned to VPW, seemingly with a new attitude.  Santi, however, is always loved by the fans and came out on fire.  After a hard fought battle, the “Firebird” came out on top for the win.

VPW Tag Team Championships
Da Hou$e Party def. Ricky Reyes/EJ Risk (c) – NEW CHAMPIONS
Last month in Deer Park, the VPW Tag Team Champions were able to score a win with EJ Risk using the ropes for leverage.  This time around, after a long match that seemed to frustrate the ConfluxXx tag team, unable to end Da Hou$e Party, Ricky was caught with his feet on the ropes.

Reyes and Risk decided to leave, but the ring announcer conferred with the referee, announcing that if Reyes and Risk were to leave the arena, not only would they lose the match but they’d be stripped of the titles!  Da Hou$e Party didn’t want to win that way, so they brought the champions back into the ring to finish what they started.

It almost cost them, because Reyes threw Cooley K outside the ring.  However, Risk missed his springboard kick; instead of hitting K-MC, he hit Ricky Reyes!  That set up the opportunity for K-MC to pin EJ Risk and end the reign of Ricky Reyes and EJ Risk’s championship reign.


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