November 28, 2021
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RESULTS: September 12th, 2009 “VPW All Fall Down”

VPW New York Championship
“Masculine Marvel” Sabotage d. “Firebird” Jorge Santi
Sabotage pinned the Firebird to retain the New York Championship. Following the match, Sabotage bragged to the crowd that he’s beaten everyone that’s tried to take the gold from him. He mentioned that he heard VSK wanted a rematch and that was fine with him.

Zombie w/ Tough Tommy d. Razzle Dazzle
Risk came out first and mentioned his match with Zombie from the last Centereach event. He said that he didn’t want to wrestle the Zombie again, not because he’s scared, but because the Zombie is filthy. Risk said that he found someone to remove the Zombie from VPW for good, Razzle Dazzle. Zombie destroyed Razzle Dazzle in mere minutes. Immediately after that match, Risk attacked the Zombie and said he was now ready for his match.

E.J. Risk d. Zombie w/ Tough Tommy
Risk used the ropes for leverage and pinned Zombie. This caused Zombie and Tommy to chase Risk around the building.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
Fitzwater’s guests were Mack Daddy Flexx and Joe So Delicious. Fitzwater brought up the main event for the night where they would join VPW Champion Jason Static in the ring for a three-way dance. Flexx and Delicious both claimed they would be the new VPW Champion.

Fitzwater lightened the mood by playing Theme from Different Strokes. He then began dancing. Jason Static then came out and demanded everyone cut out the joking because tonight was serious. All three competitors stared each other down.

VSK d. Josef Von Schmidt
VSK defeated the foreign nationalist. After the match, Sabotage came out and brawled with VSK.

VPW Tag Team Championship
Funky Fresh Boyz (K-Funk & K-Fresh) w/ Ms. Terri d. Shaolin Wrecking Crew (Magic & Draven) w/ Black Rose
For the second time, the Funky Fresh Boyz defeated Eclipse’s hired goons to retain their tag titles.

“The Resurrection of Tag Team Wrestling” Eclipse (Xander Page & Jay Delta) & Johnny “Muscles” Marinara d. Richie Tyler, Joey Everlast & Mikey Old School w/ Dani DT
Jay Delta got the win for his team. After the match, Eclipse said that since the Shaolin Wrecking Crew dropped the ball, the fans better make sure they vote for them to get a title shot since they can’t get a rematch otherwise.

Abyss d. Mike Magnum
Prior to the match, Magnum introduced himself to the crowd and immediately made no friends. He said that he could dispose of the next person to walk through the curtain. Abyss’ music hit and Magnum knew he was in trouble. Abyss defeated Magnum with the Black Hole Slam. As Abyss was heading to the back, a fallen Magnum grabbed the mic and asked if that was all he had. Abyss then came back to the ring, dumped 1,100 tacks out and chokeslammed Magnum through the tacks.

VPW Championship: Three Way Dance
Mack Daddy Flexx d. “The Perfect Gentleman” Jason Static (c) &. “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious
Static was eliminated first by Joe So Delicious. The crowd was stunned and realized that they were guaranteed a new champion. Flexx was then able to pin Joe to become the second ever VPW Champion. The locker room emptied to celebrate with Flexx. The Gentlemen’s Club tried to storm the ring several times, but security prevented it.

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