“The Miracle” Javi-Air & “Firebird” Jorge Santi w/ Kitty Vaughn d. “The Good Guy” Azrieal & Minyon
This wild match tore down the house and literally erupted in an intense post-match encounter that had everyone worried. Jorge Santi and Minyon, as well as Javi-Air and Azrieal have been involved in many battles with each other over the last year. Immediately after Santi pinned Minyon, Azrieal completely snapped and assaulted Javi-Air. Santi tried to help his partner, but Minyon made sure that Javi-Air was left to Azrieal’s wrath. Eventually this fight came to halt once Azrieal put out the challenge to Javi-Air for a Dog Collar Match. These two men have figuratively been tied to each other for a long time, but now they will literally be chained together in a VPW first.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
Best Bodies, Inc. members “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious and the VPW Champion “Best Body in the Business…So the Ladies Say” Jason Static were Fitzwater’s guests. As usual, Fitzwater had his chief of security, Mikey, present in the ring. The two members of Best Bodies, Inc. decided it was Mikey’s turn to be bullied and they put him through one of their workout routines. Obviously Mikey could not keep up with Static and Delicious. Just as Joe So Delicious began to insult his opponent for the night, “Smooth Operator” Mike Gallagher, Gallagher hit the ring. Static and Delicious got the upper hand, but Mack Daddy Flexx ran out to clean house.

Puma & Neo Dragon d. VTG Enterprises (Scotty Rio & Johnny “Muscles” Marinara) w/ Vinny the Guido
This special international tag team challenge led to an extremely rare East Coast appearance by Puma. Vinny the Guido’s top guys were not enough to counter the lightning fast offense of Puma and his partner Neo Dragon.

“All Around Best” Xavier d. Dr. Lamar Braxton Porter w/ Rayna Fyre
Xavier continued to once again show why he is the “All Around Best” by continuing his long-standing undefeated streak in VPW when he defeated the much larger Dr. Lamar Braxton Porter. The lovely but devilish Rayna Fyre tried her best to distract Xavier, but even she fell short.

Before the match, ring announcer Dani was once again rudely interrupted by Rayna Fyre. Their rivalry escalated after the match when Dani was announcing the winner and Fyre attacked her. Porter cracked Xavier with his model spine, so he was in no position to help. Luckily for Dani, Richie Tyler ran down to fend off Porter and Fyre.

Tyler said that he’d spend the next month training Dani to wrestle so she could get some much deserved payback. It looks like an intergender tag team match between Xavier and Dani against Porter and Rayna Fyre is on the horizon. Hopefully Richie Tyler does his job as a coach and brings out the best in Dani.

“Smooth Operator” Mike Gallagher d. “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious
In a rematch from VPW’s Deer Park debut on July 26th, Mike Gallagher settled the score and defeated the man who beat him weeks earlier. With Joe So Delicous defeated, can a title shot against Jason static be far off for Mike Gallagher?

Richie Tyler d. “The Answer” Pete Simmons
Pete Simmons may be “The Answer,” but it looks like Richie Tyler was Simmons’ problem. Tyler was on fire as he once again overcame a larger opponent.

Nick Noshus & Pretty Poison (Justin Toxic & EJ Risk) d. Suburban SWAT Team (“Prince of Suburbia” Johnny Suburban, “Suburban Bad Boy” Joey Everlast & Mikey Old School)
Mikey Old School had to once again lace up the boots and step in the ring due to the Suburban SWAT Team’s original partner, Nightmare, getting injured while training. Nohus, Risk and Toxic took full advantage of the situation and managed to defeat one of VPWs top tag teams. Nick Noshus’ undefeated streak continues.

After the match, Pretty Poison wanted to celebrate with Noshus, but Noshus wanted nothing to do with them. Risk and Toxic then stayed in the ring and berated not only other tag teams, but also the great VPW fans. This led to the Funky Fresh Boyz hitting the ring and we had an impromptu match.

Funky Fresh Boyz (K-Fresh & K-Funk) d. Pretty Poison (Justin Toxic & EJ Risk)
The Funky Fresh Boyz picked up their first win here in VPW in front of a very receptive audience. It looks like the Funky Fresh Boyz shut Pretty Poison up, at least for the time being.

Eclipse (Xander Page & Jay Delta) d. Livewired (JMS & VSK)
In another battle in both teams’ series of matches for the VPW Tag Team Championship, Eclipse once again bested Livewired. Sadly, this may have been not only the last match in the series, but also Livewired’s last match as a team. Lingering problems and frustrations over the last few months have caused one of VPW’s top tag teams to literally explode.

Towards the end of the match, Xander Page had VSK up and was spinning him around. VSK’s foot cracked JMS in the head while JMS was on the ring apron trying to tag in. By the time JMS came to, VSK had been double-teamed and pinned. Livewired then fended off Eclipse and even held up the tag titles in celebration.

It was at this point that JMS absolutely snapped and smashed VSK in the head with the belt. JMS then stood on top of his fallen partner with what could only be described as a maniacal look on his face. VSK was then helped to the back by security. What cause JMS to lash out like this is unknown at this time.

“Best Body in the Business…So the Ladies Say” Jason Static d. Mack Daddy Flexx
Flexx gave it 100% of all he had, but once again came up short against the seemingly unstoppable VPW Champion. Flexx managed to put Static in his own finishing maneuver, The Long Kiss Goodnight, but that wasn’t enough. At one point, in what was obviously a desperation move, Joe So Delicious ran down with a steel chair and slid it to Static. Static went to hit Flexx, but Flexx ducked. The chair then smacked the top rope and bounced back into Static. Flexx almost go a three count, but Static kicked out at the last second. It was eventually a roll-up with a pinning assist from Joe So Delicious that allowed Static to retain the title.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.