October 21, 2021
ICYMI: #ANDNEW? Not so fast: Collins caught cheating, Coach retains. Full results from Showdown in St. James Tickets are on sale for Disorderly Conduct 11/13 The Vestler vs the Savior? Tomlinson meets Tibbs at the Showdown in St James October 9 VPW Champion Mammone to defend against Gold Rush Rumble winner Collins at Showdown in St James Saturday October 9

Johnny Collins

The Head Honcho of Handsome Johnny “Pretty Boy” Collins is an international superstar and overall handsome man.

He enjoys long rides in his Tesla(s), moisturizing facial lotions, and of course last but not least, gazing at himself in a mirror.

Did we mention he is filthy rich too?

He’s Johnny Collins and you’re not! That is all.

Signature Move:
The Close Up
Finisher:  That Is All Swanton Bomb

155 lbs
From his mansion in East Hampton, NY
Debuted: March 2018

– VPW Tag Team Champion (w/ Bryce Donovan)