August 03, 2021
Karen BamBam is done with Megan Mason; issues open challenge for Gold Rush Rumble August 14 Fallout from Homecoming: Ryan Galeone to challenge Eric James for the New York State Championship at the Gold Rush Rumble August 14 What is the Gold Rush Rumble?

Karen Bam Bam

The Bodacious Bruiser, Karen Bam Bam is not your average powerhouse. Her strength is only matched by her wild and boastful nature. She prefers to pick her opponents up and put them down with a little extra BAM.

Trained since 2016, Bam Bam’s deliciously destructive journey is one to keep an eye on.

Signature Finishers

  • Boom Heard Across The Globe (Middle-Rope Leg Drop)
  • Karousel (Modified Spinning Uranage)

Hometown:  Bronx, New York
Debuted: February 2018

– VPW Women’s Championship