August 04, 2021
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Kyler Khan

Debuting as Kai Katana, a silent monster that decimated talent that challenged him, Kyler Khan is one of the most dynamic wrestlers in the business.

A former two-time VPW Champion, VPW New York State Champion, and two-time King of New York, Khan is a threat to anyone he faces.

In 2016, Khan was also an alternate at the WWE Cruiserweight Classic.  He continues to be a force in promotions up and down the Atlantic.

Cool and collective outside the ring, calculated and precise inside the ring, Khan is not a talent to overlook.

Hometown: Ocean City, Maryland
Debuted: May 2012

– Victory Pro Wrestling Champion
– VPW New York State Champion
– 2015 King of New York
– 2018 King of New York

Other Notes
Khan was an alternate at the first WWE Cruiserweight Classic and has wrestled for NXT