Percival the Third

Percival grew up in London, England where he lived with his father Percival Jr. on the Percival Estate.

His father was a legendary wrestler in the UK as well as his father before him. His father is the richest man in all of England so money is a big part of Percival’s life.

As well as money the Percival’s are also very close friends of English royal family most prominently the Queen of England. Percival sees the queen almost like a grandmother to him.

At the age of 18 Percival came to America to carve his own path in wrestling and show America what wrestling is like from the greatest country with the best wrestlers in the world, England.

Signature Moves
London Tower (Cradle Reverse STO)
Big Ben (Hammerlock Crossface)

83 kg
Hometown: London, England
Debuted: March 2019