Santi wins New York State Championship

His seven year quest started at the World’s Famous Gleason’s Gym.  It ended at the Gold Rush Rumble in Deer Park for “Firebird” Jorge Santi, who went coast to coast from the number 2 position all the way to becoming the New York State Champion.

First, the rules:
Two wrestlers start the match.  Every 2 minutes, another VPW wrestler comes to the ring.  Wrestlers would be eliminated once they were thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor.  The Rumble ends when there are four wrestlers left, who then go on to finish in the main event to determine the winner.

Competitors, in the order of entrance:  Destructico, “Firebird” Jorge Santi, Dorian Graves, VsK, Prosecutor Pat, Mr. Freedom, Cooley K, Kai Katana, Down Boy Tony, Jerry Fitzwater, Ricky Reyes, Down Boy Steve, Grop the Caveman, Kevin Tibbs, Fighter Cat, Mikey Old School, Jay Delta, Razzle Dazzle, Jacob Hendrix, Super Pogo!, Mr A.O., The Zombie.

Special notes from the Rumble:
• “Firebird” Jorge Santi drew the #2 spot for the second consecutive year
• Fighter Kat made his Victory Pro Wrestling debut in this year’s Gold Rush Rumble, and delivered chops to everyone he could.  They eventually returned the favor.2014_GOLDRUSH002
• Mr A.O. made his Victory Pro Wrestling debut in this year’s Gold Rush Rumble, bearing resemblance to someone…
• The list of competitors to have been in every single Gold Rush Rumble is unchanged from last year: Kevin Tibbs and Mikey Old School are the old two to have been in every single Rumble.

The final elimination came when Dorian Graves and Kevin Tibbs eliminated The Zombie.  Jorge Santi then charged at the duo.  Tibbs ducked, but Graves did not, and got caught in a clothesline that took him over the top rope, leaving Ricky Reyes,Tibbs, Santi, and VsK as the final four competitors to go on later in the evening to find out who would win the fatal fourway elimination match and become the Gold Rush Rumble winner.

After the match, EJ Risk surprised everyone and came to the ring, congratulating the four men in the ring.  He then said that because the night was so special, and the main event was so important, he was cleared to be the main event’s special guest referee!

2014_GOLDRUSH003Loser Leaves VPW
Jacob Hendrix w/ Dorian Graves vs. Grop the Caveman w/ Jerry Fitzwater
Hours before the show, Hendrix had been bragging to anyone that would listen that he had scared Grop so much, the Caveman wouldn’t even show up.  That wasn’t the case, and the fans could see something different in Grop’s eye.

The match started with Hendrix telling Grop that tonight he would be leaving, or they could just let bygones be bygones, shake hands, and be friends, before again smacking the Caveman.

The fight was back and forth, and Dorian Graves was the difference maker – or so we thought.  With him on the apron, distracting the official, Hendrix pulled out that long, steel chain. This time, Grop blocked the right hand, then locked him in a submission hold, causing Hendrix to tap out!

WINNER: Grop the Caveman

After the match, the frustrated Hendrix grabbed a chair and smashed it over Grop’s head before being tackled by security and ejected from Victory Pro Wrestling forever!

Dorian Graves vs. Fighter Cat
After making his debut earlier in the evening, Fighter Cat was eager to make a name for himself against Dorian Graves.  The masked disciple of the Church of Tibbs hasn’t had the best of luck in singles matches lately, but he was able to tame Fighter Cat to pick up the win.

WINNER: Dorian Graves

2014_GOLDRUSH007Kai Katana vs. Super Pogo!
Kai Katana, upset from his elimination in the Gold Rush Rumble, demanded from VPW Management a match to right the wrong he believed was caused by Super Pogo!.

Katana dissected Pogo! piece by piece before finally ending the match and picking up the win.

WINNER: Kai Katana

After the match, Pogo!’s former manager Mikey Old School and former partner Razzle Dazzle came out to help him up, but that quickly turned ugly as Dazzle and Old School beat down Pogo!.

The Down Boyz (Tony and Steve) vs. Da Hou$e Party (Cooley K and K-MC) (c)
Before the match started, the Jersey Invasion announced to the fans that if Da Hou$e Party fail to defend their titles tonight, they will be forfeiting those titles to The Down Boyz.

Cooley K came out, but he held both titles.  Without his partner, he told the fans that they were right, K-MC was not able to perform, but K had someone that would back him up.

The Down Boyz (Tony and Steve) vs. Cooley K and The Zombie
The sheer power and strength from The Zombie, along with the teamwork provided by Cooley K, was not enough to overcome the sheer tag team superiority that The Down Boyz had.  They worked together as a unit, and in the end it showed when Tony sidestepped a flying Cooley K, who was met with a charging spear from Steve.  A Doomsday Device Dropkick later sealed the victory.

WINNERS: The Down Boyz

After the match, The Down Boyz demanded the titles.  Deer Park security had to chase them out of the building as they refused to leave the ring otherwise.

Ring announcer John E Radioo then announced that, because the titles had not been defended since June, the Victory Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championships were now vacated.

2014 Gold Rush Rumble Final Four
Special Guest Referee: EJ Risk

“Savior of Wrestling” Kevin Tibbs (c) vs. “Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes vs. “Firebird” Jorge Santi vs. VsK
The elimination fatal four way was not just for the 2014 Gold Rush Rumble, but also the New York State Champion, which resided around the waist of the Kevin Tibbs.

At first, the match was more of a shouting contest, with everyone yelling at everyone else.  Finally, fists started flying, and the fans were at the edges of their seats.

2014_GOLDRUSH009VsK eliminated Kevin Tibbs after about 15 minutes of non-stop action inside and out the ring by all four competitors.  The second elimination took place just 3 seconds later when Ricky Reyes rolled him up.

Santi went to go for the same thing, but Reyes kicked out and brutalized him for it.  Santi, somehow, kept fighting on.  At one point, he screamed, “I want the belt,” before charging Reyes.

Reyes gave him everything he had, including his brainbuster finisher, but the Firebird kept rising.  Finally, Manhattan’s son connected with a tiger bomb and earned his first singles championship!

WINNER: “Firebird” Jorge Santi 

What will happen when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Centereach?

Saturday September 6, 2014
VFW Post 4927
31 Horseblock Road, Centereach, NY

2-time VPW Champion Kevin Tibbs
will defend the championship against
Ricky Reyes and

Romeo Roselli against The Illusionist Damian Adams

What will happen at
September Salvation?


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