Chaos breaks loose as ConfluxXx attacks Kevin TibbsVictory Pro Wrestling’s Disorderly Conduct lived up to it’s name by the end of the night with new faces and explosive action.

Doomsday Jesus AhtuThe Doomsday Jesus Ahtu against Razzle Dazzle (w/ Super Pogo! and Mikey Old School)
Making his debut to Victory Pro Wrestling, the 262 pound monster from the Midway City faced the challenge of VPW veteran Razzle Dazzle. His pure power and dominance was clear up front, but a costly mistake gave Razzle Dazzle a chance to pick up the win with his Head Shoulder Knees and Toes combo.

But Ahtu did not go down after the boot to the face and was about to end the match but Mikey Old School grabbed his boot. With the Doomsday Jesus wondering what happened, Old School actually blamed Super Pogo! instead. That gave Razzle Dazzle the change to steal the win.


After the match, Pogo! looked confused to why Old School would say what he did while Old School was trying to tell him that Razzle just won the match.

Fans in support of EJ RiskRisky Business with EJ Risk
The former New York State champion EJ Risk came out to host his talk show, but before he introduced his guest he made a shocking announcement to the fans in Deer Park. Due to a spine injury, doctors have asked him to stop wrestling.

He told the fans that every wrestler believes they are the best, and they should, because that’s the way it should be. Just like his next guest, VsK, who believes he is the best in VPW.

With VsK now in the ring, EJ went on to say that he believes he is the best, and tonight he wanted to prove that he was better than VsK.

The former VPW Champion asked EJ if that was what he wanted, he’d do it.

A hug in the ring later, and the match was on for later in the evening.

Kai Katana against Super Pogo! (w/ Razzle Dazzle and Mikey Old School)
Mikey Old School was looking to keep the momentum for The New Super Best Friends going with another win. Kai Katana, fresh off a tough match against The Zombie last month, was looking to regain momentum. While Pogo! was able to get some good shots in, it was Katana who would score the victory.


Mikey Old School was disappointed in Super Pogo!, while Razzle Dazzle seemed to be focused on how he was able to win earlier in the evening.

Kevin Tibbs "collecting" from Jerry FitzwaterThe Jerry Fitzwater Show
Coming out with Grop the Caveman, Jerry Fitzwater started his show off by introducing his guest to talk about the evening’s main event, the 2-time VPW Champion Kevin Tibbs.
Tibbs came to the ring with the Crown, the New York State Championship, the VPW Championship, and his disciple Jacob Hendrix. He said that he wears all the gold and tonight he’d show why the Church of Tibbs is the best faction in VPW today and why ConfluxXx is yesterday’s news.

Which brought them to the here and now. With the steel chain above the ring, Hendrix at his side, and Grop in the ring, Kevin Tibbs felt it was time to have their ladder match right there and then. Hendrix cut in, and again told Grop that he wanted to put their differences aside before smacking him.

Jacob Hendrix (w/ Kevin Tibbs) against Grop the Caveman (w/ Jerry Fitzwater)
The two battled in and out the ring, and Grop was unstoppable. Even with a ladder rammed into his chest, being thrown on top of, and being slammed on a ladder, Grop kept coming back.

With Hendrix halfway up the ladder to claim the chain, Grop caught him and was ready to drop him in an electric chair slam. Kevin Tibbs came in the ring and presented Grop with a box, claiming it was, again, his birthday. The caveman was excited as Hendrix climbed up and claimed the chain, proclaiming him the winner.


He came down from the ladder and cheered with Grop, saying he had won! Grop, a little confused, seemed happy until he turned around and was clocked cold in the jaw by Hendrix with that chain wrapped around his fist!

IMG_3676Kevin Tibbs then said that later on tonight his opponent, Ricky Reyes, would come out and talk about how he was the standard by which wrestling excellence is measured, but tonight Kevin Tibbs would prove that the standard by which wrestling excellence is measured in VPW is Kevin Tibbs.

Enter: ConfluxXx. Jay Delta and Kevin Fulton joined Ricky Reyes as the three stalked the ring, reminding Tibbs that later on tonight when they faced each other, ConfluxXx would stand tall as Ricky Reyes would be the new VPW Champion.

Destructico against The Zombie
The masked Mexican grappler took to the microphone and addressed them in Spanish, and the fans booed him mercilessly. Then the Zombie was introduced, and instead of the wrestling entrance, The Zombie came from the main fan entrance and ran through the audience before running around the ring.

Destructico started the match off with a flying suicide dive to the outside, catching Zombie off guard. The two battled inside the ring and while Destructico put up a good fight, it was Zombie’s size and strength that helped him pick up the win.


EJ Risk against VsKVsK against EJ Risk
This match was not on the program, and as it stands would be EJ Risk’s last match due to medical orders. Two of VPW’s top performers put on a wrestling clinic in this match. The two best friends, out to show each other that they were the best wrestler in VPW today, went back and forth.

EJ Risk hit his springboard kick for a two count. Frustrated, the match would continue. VsK set up in the corner, told EJ he was sorry, and then connected with a vicious superkick for two. The two kept giving each other their best shots.

EJ Risk pinning VsKInside the ring, outside the ring, these two tore it up and kept the fans at the edges of their seats. Finally, a roll-up by EJ Risk scored the victory.


The two hugged after the match, before VsK went back to the locker room. Then, the locker room cleared and the top VPW superstars came out to thank EJ for everything he has done since his debut in 2008.

After the intermission featuring the VPW House Band, ring announcer John E Radioo was set to announce the next match before being interrupted by three men.

Prosecutor Pat from Law and DisorderThe first man grabbed the microphone and introduced himself as Prosecuter Pat. His partner, the tall Andre, was a former criminal, and Prosecuter Pat sent him to jail. He also said that he got Andre out of jail a reformed man, and tonight they would set another wrong right by beating Da Hou$e Party.

Law & Disorder against Champions Da Hou$e Party
Cooley K and K-MC came to the ring with Da Boombox blaring, upsetting Law & Disorder. Once the action started, Prosecuter Pat had his hands full with Da Hou$e Party.

Once he tagged in his partner Andre, the advantage shifted over to their end drastically. It was Da Hou$e Party that looked to be in trouble. But in the end, they picked up the win and another successful title defense.


“The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes against Champion “Savior of Wrestling” Kevin Tibbs
It was a big fight feel for the main event, with two of VPW’s top stars going for the coveted VPW Championship. ConfluxXx’s Delta and Fulton stayed at ringside for Reyes, and Tibbs’ disciple Hendrix also lingered. The match quickly spilled to the outside as both leaders of their respective factions wanted to prove not just that they were the best in VPW, but that their faction was also the best.

Several attempts by Fulton and Delta to lead the crowd into “Let’s Go ConfluxXx” chants were received with “Let’s Go Tibbs” chants instead, with the fans clearly behind the Church. Reyes and Tibbs were beating each other up, with Tibbs hitting a flying bulldog for a two count. Reyes connected with his brainbuster for two. ConfluxXx got involved as did Hendrix, and when the dust settled, it was Tibbs with a rollup for the three count.The official checking on Kevin Tibbs


As the bell rang and the music started, ConfluxXx jumped the champion. The official was unable to regain control as ConfluxXx decimated Tibbs and Hendrix. Reyes said that ConfluxXx was just starting, and that this was not over.

VPW Management had announced that at Carnage for Centereach IX, it would be Tibbs and Reyes again for the VPW Championship.

What will happen when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Centereach?  Will ConfluxXx reign supreme or will the Church of Tibbs be able to back up Kevin Tibbs’ preachings?

VICTORY PRO WRESTLING PRESENTSVPW Presents Carnage in Centereach 9, July 26 in Centereach VFW Post 4927, 31 Horseblock Road
Saturday July 29, 2014
31 Horseblock Road in Centereach, NY

2-time VPW Champion Kevin Tibbs against
The Cuban Crippler Ricky Reyes

Grop the Caveman against Jacob Hendrix

Ashley Brianne against Deonna

The Zombie takes on Destructico

VPW Tag Team Champions Da Hou$e Party
Dorian Graves..and more!

What will happen at Carnage in Centereach IX?


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