Carnage in Centereach started with every member of the Influence in the ring, except for VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton.

It started with VPW Champion Mister Tibbs saying hello to Commissioner Kevin Fulton, who was unable to be there in Centereach tonight. He then focused on the Gold Rush Rumble and introduced Kyler KHAN as part of his family. Then he turned his attention to his opponent later that night, Jack Tomlinson, despite taking a beating on WWE SmackDown. After the night ended, he declared would walk out as champion and then go to November’s Disorderly Conduct to shut up and shut down Coach Mammone.

The Throwback Eric James then griped about how people care getting opportunities that do not deserve it. Later in the show, he would have to defend the title against Ryan Galeon, who he asked, “Who is Ryan Galeone and why is he getting a shot at my [New York State] title?” James then said it didn’t matter, because he would beat the absolute dog sh… out of whomever Ryan Galeone is.

Kyler KHAN then talked about how he and Jay Delta would be facing Coach Mammone and Stockade who has been nothing but a thorn in the side of the Influence. Tonight, he and Delta would put Coach Mammone where he belongs – on the sidelines.

Pretty Likeable (Steve Somerset & Johnny Collins) w/ Stephen Azure
vs. Notorious Dezmond Cold & Bryce Donovan

  • Before the match officially started, Stephen Azure announced that while he had been out for several months due to a torn ACL, he had a note from VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton that said he was cleared to wrestle tonight and making this match a 3-on-2 handicap match.
  • The Even Stevens and Collins started the match strong, picking apart the young Cole while teasing Donovan and distracting the referee.
  • Once Donovan was finally able to get in the ring, he took over with a house of fire. The momentum ended as he was taken out by cutter from Azure.
  • Despite the numbers against him, Cole was able to regain the momentum. A distraction from Azure, claiming his knee hurt, lead to Collins spraying some liquid into Cole’s eyes. The Even Stevens followed up with their Even Flow finish. Donovan came in to take control, knocking Collins out (and on top of Cole) while the Even Stevens dragged Donovan outside.
  • WINNERS: Johnny Collins and The Even Stevens

Mike Anthony w/ Jesse Hurst vs Fighter Cat

  • It took a while the the match to start, as the VPW fans were chanting to Anthony that he was crazy, which caused a distraction and left him unable to focus.
  • The technical ability and experience from the VPW Tag Team Champion allowed Fighter Cat to take control early on.
  • Anthony slowed things down and controlled the action, with his partner Hurst brooding on the outside.
  • Despite coming back, Fighter Cat got caught with a ripcord clothesline that gave Anthony the victory.

After the match, Anthony and Hurst attacked Fighter Cat, which lead to the surprise return of Grammar Cop. After clearing the ring, Grammar Cop announced that in October, he was cleared to wrestle. He then challenged Anthony and Hurst to a match in October.

The Absolute Brand (Alvin Alvarez & Giant Andre) vs Jersey Muscle Society (Steve Gibki & Tony Vincita)

  • The Absolute Brand tried to control the match early on, but the Jersey Muscle Society kept outclassing them both inside and outside the ring.
  • They took control with double team action, which the referee did not see, to control Gibki in the corner.
  • Once Vincita was tagged in, he took some “top secret” Jersey Juice and was on fire.
  • A right hand from Vincita and a clothesline from Gibki sealed the deal for Alvarez

After the match, Alvarez swore that this was the last time anyone would ever see the Absolute Brand lose again.

Triple Threat Match
Laid Back Lance Anderson vs Percival the Third vs Zo Agau

  • This was a competitive match between Percival the Third and Zo Agau, with Lance Anderson really taking this “laid back” attitude seriously. Throughout the entire match, he just wanted to chill out while everyone else was for some reason trying to compete in a match!
  • Agau showed of an impressive score of submission and body manipulation moves, torturing both Anderson and Percival throughout the match, though his focus was on Percival’s left arm.
  • Agau picked up the win after tying up one of Percival’s arms behind his back before pulling the other back, causing him to scream in agony.

Champion Throwback Eric James vs Ryan Galeone

  • Earlier in the night, James declared that Galeone would know who he was. During the match, Galeone showed Eric James who he was by keeping up with the decorated New York State champion.
  • This was one of the most challenging matches for James’ title reign, as the 6’7″ Galeone used power and agility to stay in the mix.
  • With Galeone looking for the win from the top, James pulled the official into his way, causing Galeone to make an adjustment mid-air to avoid hitting the referee. This gave James the chance to roll up Galeone and pick up the victory.

The Influence (Kyler KHAN & King of New York Jay Delta) vs Coach Mammone & Stockade

  • Coming out the gate, Stockade and Mammone took control over the Influence, but a miscue from Mammone gave KHAN a chance to pick up control.
  • The double team action kept Mammone in the wrong part of the ring, as Delta and KHAN took turns beating down the Gold Rush Rumble winner.
  • Stockade came in the match hot, tearing up his opponents. At one point, KHAN jumped at Stockade, but was caught mid-air. Stockade turned it into a suplex for the win, but Puppet Jay Delta got involved. Mammone and Stockade brought the Puppet in the ring, where Mammone did the whistle splash.
  • The Influence, not to be outdone, came back to the offense, connecting with a double flapjack on Stockade that almost earned them the victory before a save from Mammone.
  • This gave them a sight of hope, as Stockade connected with a spear, followed by a frog splash from Mammone to a prone KHAN.

After the match, Mammone declared that he was on a roll, the momentum would continue in October’s Monster Mash 2, and at the end of November’s Disorderly Conduct show he would be VPW Champion.

Facebreaker Megan Mason

vs Princess Ashanty
vs Champion The Answer to your Prayers Ariela Nyx

  • Facebreaker Megan Mason and VPW newcomer Princess Ashanty both were given an opportunity to face the fighting champion Ariela Nyx.
  • Mason and Ashanty took turns chopping away at the champion, wearing down Nyx. When it came to pinning Nyx, their alliance broke down.
  • As Nyx lay in wait, Mason and Ashanty took each other apart. As the champion Nyx spun around Ashanty to set up her neckbreaker, Ashanty collapsed. Nyx then covered her for the win.

Champion Mister Tibbs vs Jack Tomlinson

  • Tomlinson started strong with the VPW Champion, with his speed and youth kept Tibbs at bay.
  • Once the action spilled outside the ring, the wily veteran took over, sending Tomlinson to a wrestling clinic.
  • Tomlinson kept fighting back, but Tibbs had an answer for almost everything the challenger had.
  • Tomlinson locked in a chickenwing crossface, and with the championship slipping away from Tibbs’ grasp, the entire Influence came to the ring, including the “absent” VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton. The challenger changed his focus to the Influence, knocking them down with a flying attack. When he got back in the ring, Tibbs was poised. The champion connected with a low blow, but with the official on the outside, he did not see the infraction. He did, however, see Tibbs covering the challenger for the three count.

After the match, the Influence stood tall in the ring, mocking Tomlinson by taking selfies.

With the show ending the same way it began, it’s hard to see The Influence losing power in Victory Pro Wrestling. Let’s see what happens next month when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Centereach for Monster Mash 2.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.