VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton sat in his office, watching the Gold Rush Rumble. Coach Mammone would win, outlasting 24 other competitors and earning the right to challenge for the VPW Championship in November.

Commissioner Fulton announced on Twitter a bounty on the head of Mammone and Steve Gibki, stating that anyone that could eliminate them would be taken care of.

Mammone entered the fight at number 20. The fans rejoiced when they heard his music and saw him come from the back. The competitors already in the ring knew this could be their chance to gain the ear of VPW’s top official, if they could only just take care of the Mammone problem.

Fulton had a plan of his own. While Alvin Alvarez eliminated Gibki, Fulton wanted to make sure that Mammone would not survive the night. He stacked the odds to his benefit, as The Influence members Eric James, Jay Delta, and Kyler KHAN, “randomly” drew the last three numbers 23, 24, and 25 respectively.

Fulton’s smile was so bright you could see it from across the Long Island Sound. After clearing house, the final four included all three members of The Influence and Coach Mammone. That Fulton smile disappeared the moment Stockade interjected himself into the match.

While not an active competitor in the match, he did toss KHAN over the top rope, which according to the official rules eliminated him from the contest. This left the New York State champion Eric James and the man Coach Mammone faced in the finals of the King of New York tournament in January, Jay Delta.

While the numbers were still against him, Stockade’s presence took out the newest member of The Influence, and distracted the New York State Champion enough that Mammone was able to eliminate him.

Fulton moved to the edge of his plush, leather chair. He knew the dirty, vile, ruthless tactics of Delta. He knew there would be no villain more suited to the task of not only defeating Mammone but taking him out of Victory Pro Wrestling once and for all, and yet he leaned closer to his monitor with concern.

This is Coach Mammone we are talking about, the man who a year earlier personally chose to mentor and team with Razzle Dazzle. Mammone debuted against a cowboy who never returned to Victory Pro Wrestling, and a year later was in the finals of the King of New York tournament.

Mammone had proved to not just be some outlandish moustached cartoon character, but a thorn in the side of The Influence.

Knowing this, Jay Delta had to deliver. As the last man standing between Mammone and victory, Delta used his scepter and assaulted Mammone, who was already beaten and brutalized. Like a vulture, Delta circled Mammone, picking him off until he was ready to finally ruin Mammone’s Cinderella story.

Fulton jumped from his seat when Delta lifted Mammone’s limp carcass over his shoulders. His eyes widened as his prophecy would be fulfilled. Jay Delta would once again steal the dreams of Coach Mammone.

“Oh no,” he gasped, when Mammone slipped from Delta’s fireman’s carry. Fulton could not blink, and the action was so fast, he could not react. Delta was down, from a Mammone reverse DDT. Mammone lit the audience on fire with his patented whistle splash. By instinct alone, Delta stood up after the splash, only to be tossed well over the top rope.

The fans rejoiced, and were so loud nobody could hear the bell ring. The music played, but you could only hear the cheers of the fans in Centereach.

Back in his office, Fulton’s jaw dropped. The deafening crowd filled his office, but the commissioner was silent. One by one, members of The Influence, Eric James, Kyler KHAN, Jay Delta, and finally VPW Champion Mister Tibbs entered the office.

Not a word was said. One by one they each sat down, shocked and stunned at the turn of events that transpired.

Eric James successfully defended his New York State championship against Dezmond Cole. Mister Tibbs stole a victory from Stockade and Kyler KHAN joined the Influence as a result.

But the biggest victory escaped them – eliminating Coach Mammone from the Gold Rush Rumble.

For two days, Commissioner Fulton stayed silent. VPW Management attempted to reach him to no avail. VPW-TV and VictoryProWrestling.com attempted to get comments about his thoughts after the Gold Rush Rumble.

On August 19, Fulton finally commented with a back handed congratulation.

Nobody knows Mister Tibbs like Kevin Fulton. Nobody knows the wrath and motivation the Victory Pro Wrestling champion currently has like the VPW Commissioner. They reigned as tag team champions, and they dominated VPW together.

Fulton’s words could be interpreted as a threat, and Mammone would be wise to be prepared for the worst. In November, Mammone challenges the Victory Pro Wrestling champion – currently Mister Tibbs – at Disorderly Conduct.

But that is three months away.

Fulton is a cerebral ring master. As VPW’s top authority and match maker, one can only wonder what Carnage he has planned for Coach Mammone in September.


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