January 18, 2022
Tickets on sale now for VPW 149: Before the Storm in February ICYMI: New champion crowned; Andre’s Absolute Betrayal; Tibbs talks titles; and the Coach/Collins finale. Results from VPW 148: Devastation Eric James defends the New York State Championship against VPW newcomer Dante Drago at Devastation 12/18 Are the Even Stevens true champions or were they just at the right place at the right time?

VsK becomes Victory Pro Wrestling champion at 7 Year Anniversary show

VsK is the new Victory Pro Wrestling champion!

He chased Josef Von Schmidt, then he chased Kevin MISTER Tibbs, and after a year of hunting for Victory Pro Wrestling’s top prize, VsK is the new Victory Pro Wrestling champion.

But it almost did not happen.

K-Fresh Kevin Fulton (c) d. Dorian Graves (w/ Jacob Hendrix)
Masked newcomer Dorian Graves brought everything he had with him tonight, but was unable to beat the fighting New York State Champion K-Fresh Kevin Fulton.

After the match, K-Fresh addressed the fans, thanked them for celebrating Victory Pro Wrestling’s 7th birthday, and told them that it didn’t matter who would win the #1 contendership later that night, that he would walk away Spring Fever on April 20 in Centereach still as New York State Champion.

“Firebird” Jorge Santi d. “Man of Faith” Brian XL
“Man of Faith” Brian XL and “Firebird” Jorge Santi battled in a match that left the fans in their seats.  Santi was able to pick up the win.

Kai Katana d. Johnny V (w/ Mikey Old School)
Johnny V came back to Victory Pro Wrestling ready for a fight, and a fight he received with Kai Katana.  Unable to figure out the Asian machine, Katana picked up the win.

After the match, K-Fresh came to the ring with the New York State Championship. Without saying a word, Katana motioned that he would wear the belt around his waist.

Jerry Fitzwater, along with Grop the Caveman, came out with a song about VPW’s anniversary.  Before he could finish, though, EJ Risk‘s music hit and the former King of New York came out to be Fitzwater’s guest.

Calling himself a staple since the first show seven years earlier, Fitzwater rubbed EJ the wrong way, mocking EJ’s “Risky Business” show.  EJ reminded Fitzwater that the fans don’t come to see Fitzwater, they come to see wrestling.

That’s when EJ called out the 2013 King of New York Jay Delta.

2013 King of New York Jay Delta d. EJ Risk
After wrestling twice before in the evening at the King of New York tournament in February, both EJ Risk and Jay Delta wrestled an amazing match.  This time, both fresh and ready to go, they put on a possible show stealing match, with the new King victorious.

After the match, ConfluxXx member Ricky Reyes came out to celebrate with his partner Jay Delta, and then the two started to attack EJ while he was down. Reyes grabbed the mic and told the fans that now that they’ve trimmed the fat and taken out the garbage, he would beat down Amazing Red later on in the night.

Reyes and Delta then started to work EJ some more when Amazing Red came out to make the save.

Da Hou$e Party (c) d. Destructico and Razzle Dazzle
Razzle Dazzle teamed up with unlikely partner Destructico, who returned to Victory Pro Wrestling for a chance to become a champion.  Cooley K, K-MC, and Da Boombox brought “da party,” as well as bringing the fight.  They showed the fans that tag team wrestling is still alive today, and they picked up the win.

“The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes d. Amazing Red
At the King of New York tournament, Amazing Red defeated Ricky Reyes in the first round to advance, leaving Reyes with the loss.  The ConfluxXx leader was not satisfied with that loss, and after costing Red a chance to get into the finals, he wanted more.

Another potential show-stealer, Red and Reyes tore the house down.  Finally, after an amazing match, Reyes was able to score the victory.

VsK d. Kevin MISTER Tibbs (c) (w/ Jacob Hendrix and Dorian Graves)
Former best friends, former tag team partners, and former tag team champions collided again inside the ring.  Showing frustration throughout the match, and using his allies outside the ring, Tibbs finally snapped and shoved the referee’s face, giving VsK the win with Tibbs being disqualified, but Tibbs to walk out of Deer Park still as champion as championships do not change hands on disqualifications.

However, Victory Pro Wrestling management instantly said otherwise, ordered the ring announcer to the ring to inform the referee of the decision, and then announce to the fans that Dorian Graves and Jacob Hendrix were ejected… and that the match was to restart and not end by disqualification!

Diving through the ropes, VsK was happy to get a second chance to right this wrong, knocking everyone down in the process, then connecting with a super kick to knock out Jacob Hendrix.

Bringing the action back inside the ring, VsK and Tibbs went back and forth.  A failed super kick from VsK distracted the challenger, and Tibbs took over, trying to put away VsK.  Time and time again, however, the challenger would kick out.

Looking above, Tibbs asked what he had to do to win.  Still unable to win, Tibbs fell victim to a second super kick that sealed the deal and ended the Mister Tibbs era.

What will happen when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to the VFW Hall in Centereach?

VFW Post 4927
31 Horseblock Road, Centereach, NY

Already signed… 

“K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton (c) against Kai Katana

Amazing Red against “The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes

2013 King of New York Jay Delta against Brian XL