October 19, 2021
ICYMI: #ANDNEW? Not so fast: Collins caught cheating, Coach retains. Full results from Showdown in St. James Tickets are on sale for Disorderly Conduct 11/13 The Vestler vs the Savior? Tomlinson meets Tibbs at the Showdown in St James October 9 VPW Champion Mammone to defend against Gold Rush Rumble winner Collins at Showdown in St James Saturday October 9

White Girl teams up with Kevin Tibbs at Upper Limits to meet Sam L’Eterna and Max Caster in a Mixed Tag challenge

He is a VPW Triple Crown champion. The only one to reign as King of New York, New York State Champion, and VPW Champion at the same time. Kevin Tibbs is one of the most recognized stars in VPW history, and he’s earned every step of it.

She is the current VPW Women’s Champion. In 2014, she was one of four that was a part of the launch of the VPW Women’s division, and the third to become champion. Starting as the manager of the Down Boyz, White Girl has made her own mark as a top star in Victory Pro Wrestling.

He is a relative newcomer. Making news outside of VPW, the controversial “Tweener” is looking to make his own waves by knocking down Tibbs and establishing himself as a bonafide force. Max Caster is playing the psychological game, distracting the fans and distracting Tibbs with attacks and kisses designed to embarrass and anger the former champion.

She is also a relative newcomer. Joining VPW in the spring of 2017 she was a referee and went by another name, and then disappeared. After training with legend Lance Storm in Canada, she returned as Sam L’Eterna. In her first performance, she surprised the world by becoming the first Queen of New York.

White Girl’s ties with Kevin Tibbs stem from her being a part of the Church of Tibbs. Sam’s ties with Caster are unknown. At Upper Limits these four will clash in a battle that will raise eyes in a mixed tag challenge.

What will happen May 19 when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Centereach for Upper Limits?


Saturday May 19

VSK challenges
VPW Champion EJ Risk

New York State Champion Jay Delta will face an opponent of Steve Gibki’s choosing
Steve Gibki will face an opponent of
New York State Champion Jay Delta’s choosing

“The Tweener” Max Caster &
Queen of New York Sam L’Eterna
Kevin Tibbs & White Girl

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