September 22, 2021
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“Mister” Tibbs

VPW Original. VPW Grand Slam Champion.

One of the most decorated wrestlers in Victory Pro Wrestling, Kevin Tibbs is a three time VPW Champion, a one time VPW New York State Champion, a three time VPW Tag Team Champion, a King of New York champion and a Gold Rush Rumble champion.

He is the first ever dual champion, holding the VPW New York State and VPW Championship at the same time, and the only wrestler to hold a championship as King of New York.

His tag team accolades come as a part of three different teams. 

  • His first reign at tag team champion came with Kevin Fulton as the Funky Fresh Boyz.
  • His second reign came with VSK.
  • His final reign came with Dorian Graves as the Church of Tibbs.

Signature Moves
Mush Mouth Running Knee

181 lbs
Hometown:  Queens Village
Debuted: May 2008

– 3x Victory Pro Wrestling Champion
– VPW New York State Champion
– 3x VPW Tag Team Champion (w/ K-Fresh, VSK, Dorian Graves)
– 2014 King of New York
– 2018 Gold Rush Rumble

Other notes
Tibbs held the 2014 King of New York, New York State Championship, and Victory Pro Wrestling championship at the same time in 2014, and is the first VPW star to hold more than one championship at the same time.

Tibbs has performed on 205 Live (teaming with former VPW Champion VSK), in tag team action on RAW (with Francis Kip Stevens), and was the “fan” that was attacked by Erick Rowan on SmackDown in 2019.