January 18, 2022
Tickets on sale now for VPW 149: Before the Storm in February ICYMI: New champion crowned; Andre’s Absolute Betrayal; Tibbs talks titles; and the Coach/Collins finale. Results from VPW 148: Devastation Eric James defends the New York State Championship against VPW newcomer Dante Drago at Devastation 12/18 Are the Even Stevens true champions or were they just at the right place at the right time?

Katana contains Delta, regains VPW title; VsK sets sights on top prize

VsK sets sights on VPW title

After what many fans have called “the best cage match in VPW history,” VsK attacked new champion Kai Katana to make a statement: That title is his.


It was a hot, sweltering night in Centereach with a sell out crowd attending VPW’s Carnage in Centereach.  Tonight’s main event:  The steel cage title match for the VPW Championship.

Razzle was eliminated first, but not without a fight. Once he was gone, Santi had a fight on his hands, and while he did try to beat the masked Graves, he was unable to score the victory. After the match, Santi showed his frustration for his loss.

Graves picks up the win.Jacob Hendrix came out next and told the VPW fans that Krissy had intentionally broke her leg so she could avoid their match. Calling her “White Girl”, he trashed her until she finally came out. Things turned for the worst for Hendrix and Krissy, with one foot in a cast, beat him inside and out the ring.

Krissy doesn't like to be called "White Girl"

Kevin Fulton came out and put a beating to Fighter Cat, but the New York State champion was able to reign supreme and pick up the win.  After the match, Fulton attacked Fighter Cat and used him as an example of what Fulton would do to Ricky Reyes.


Tony and Steve trashed the Centereach fans and claimed they were the best New Jersey has to offer. Rhett Titus returned to Victory Pro Wrestling to let the fans know… he had no clue who the Down Boyz were, and he’s from New Jersey! Tony and Titus locked horns in a great match that showed the former Ring of Honor tag champion in control, but Steve jumped in the ring and caused the disqualification with a two-on-one beatdown. Dorian Graves, one half of the VPW Tag champions, came to Rhett’s aid and evened the odds, setting the stage for next month’s tag title defense.

Dorian Graves after saving Rhett Titus from a 2-on-1 attack from the Down Boyz

An announcement was made that VPW Womens Champion Karen would not be able to make tonight’s show. Grop the Caveman came to the ring during the announcement with flowers and chocolates, presumably for Karen. Nikki Addams came down to ringside and demanded she get the flowers instead, since she was here and Karen was not. Nikki then beat down Grop inside and around the ring before slamming him to the outside floor.

Nikki Addams unleashing her anger on Grop

Before the next contest, announcements were made for VPW’s birthday shows, when Grammar Cop cut off the announcer and stormed to the ring, claiming to have a citation for John E Radioo. Before he could write the citation, Ricky Reyes came to the ring – but was attacked from behind by Kevin Fulton, who had to be restrained by several officials before the Reyes and Grammar Cop match could take place.

Grammar Cop was able to get the upper hand early on due to Fulton’s pre-match interference, but eventually the former VPW Champion was able to pick up the victory after a vicious brainbuster that sealed the deal.

Grammar Cop in control of Ricky Reyes

Pinfalls and submissions would not count. The deciding factor would be who could escape the cage, either through the door or over the top, and have both feet touch the ground first.

Delta first tried to escape the cage, going from corner to corner until finally Katana and Delta started to trade blows. It went back and forth with challenger, then champion, then challenger gaining the upper hand.

It wasn’t until both competitors were on top of the cage where things were going to get a little scary. Trading blows, Delta and Katana could have easily fallen over the side of the cage, but it was Katana’s right hands that knocked the champion into the ring. Seeing victory, Delta started to crawl to the ring. Katana finally stirred up and kicked the door into Delta’s head before climbing down and reclaiming the VPW Championship.

Kai recaptures the gold

After celebrating around the ring, Katana made his way towards the back where he was met by VsK who clobbered him down, taking the title, and heading inside the ring where he decreed that Katana would be on the very top of his list.

What will happen with VPW returns to Centereach for the 2016 Gold Rush Rumble?