August 04, 2021
Karen BamBam is done with Megan Mason; issues open challenge for Gold Rush Rumble August 14 Fallout from Homecoming: Ryan Galeone to challenge Eric James for the New York State Championship at the Gold Rush Rumble August 14 What is the Gold Rush Rumble?

VPW Street Team

Victory Pro Wrestling is looking for dedicated fans to help us grow by being a part of the VPW Street Team!

The VPW Street Team is a group of dedicated, hard working fans that help promote Victory Pro Wrestling across Long Island.

They distribute posters and flyers in areas like shopping centers, restaurants, stores and other high traffic areas to let other fans know about upcoming Victory Pro Wrestling shows.

In return, they get discounts on tickets and official VPW gear, as well as other exclusive perks.

High school and college students: The experience you gain by being on our street team can be used on resumes, college applications, and future job references!

For more information, fill out the form below.


    Age (minimum age is 16)



    Town you live in

    Do you drive?
    Yes, I driveNo, I do not drive

    Most Recent High School/College